SANSA Bursary Programmes 2020

If You are Interested in Space Science, SANSA Bursaries is A Prestigious Programme You Must Join
As a prestigious space company in South Africa, SANSA prized itself in its employees that have a never-ending desire to learn new things regarding space operations and sciences. In addition, SANSA has also dedicated itself to invite, nurture, and nourish new space talents who are keen to hone their leadership skills as well as academic research in terms of space programs. These two corresponding phenomena lead SANSA to offer bursaries for aspiring South African space workers to continue their educations until Postgraduate degrees.

SANSA Bursary Study Fields
As a bursary provider, SANSA predominantly finances MSc and PhD research related to Space Weather. However, due to SANSA’s nature as both space- and geographical-based company, applicants wishing to research these following themes are also considerable:

  • Ionospheric, Magnetic Studies, and Oscillations
  • Space Lightning Strikes
  • Atmospheric Effects, Circuits, Waves, and/or Electrical Fields
  • Climate Changes
  • Plasma Waves
  • Meteorites Dust and Effects on the Atmosphere
  • Solar Storms Effects on Electric Grids
  • Space Energy Movement
  • Atmospheric Dynamics Effects on Radio Communication and/or Navigation

SANSA also occasionally provide funds to South African-originated Bachelor or Honor students intending to pursue Earth Observation, Space Science, Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Systems majors. There are massive ranges of fields from the usual Information Technology to the highly-beneficial Ionospheric studies. Refer to SANSA’s official website for the most updated lists of the accommodated field of studies.

SANSA Bursary’s Requirements
To be eligible for SANSA Bursary schemes, potential applicants should:

  • Be a South African citizen (proven through ID Card).
  • Have a minimum of 65% grade in their lastly-obtained degree (proven through Matric results and acceptance results in a Higher Learning Institute).
  • Have a verifiable e-mail address.
  • Have completed their research proposal.
  • Historically disadvantaged citizens are preferred.

Aside from ID card, grade results, and acceptance letter, interested applicants are also required to submit the following documents in either Word, Tif Image, or PDF format not exceeding 2 MB each:

  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • A recommendation letter from an academician (format template can be downloaded through SANSA’s “Bursary” tab on its official website)
  • Research proposal (for MSc and PhD candidates)

SANSA Bursary Application Online
Requirements and applications can be found and submitted online from the SANSA website through clicking “Bursary” menu on top of the website.

Opening and Closing Deadlines
SANSA’s online bursary applications are usually open every March and September and close at the end of October each year.

All inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

SANSA Contact Address
Office Address:
Enterprise Building
Mark Shuttleworth Street
Innovation Hub
Pretoria 0087, Gauteng, South Africa

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 484

Tel: +27 12 844 0500
Fax: +27 12 844 0396
Email: [email protected]

Source: SANSA; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture:

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