MediRite Pharmacy Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

MediRite Profile
MediRite is a prominent establishment that provides medical aids services towards the general public. Based in South Africa, MediRite has become the number one destination for people to receive their prescription medicines at any one of their available dispensaries. Focusing on excellent customer service, MediRite tends to each and everyone’s personal needs. The healthcare professionals in their staff are backed up with a high amount of knowledge in order to make sure that every patient is well-served. As of now, MediRite currently has more than 150 in-store dispensaries to their name, which are scattered around across South Africa, Mozambique, Angloa, and Eswatini (formerly Swaziland.)

About MediRite Pharmacy Bursaries 2020-2021
MediRite is providing generous bursaries towards 1st-4th year students who are currently specializing in the field of Pharmacy studies. Also known as scarce skills, the purpose of this bursary is to meet the need of several skills set that are required to move forward in the country. As of now, the bursary is mainly allocated towards Pharmacy and Pharmacy Technician students who would like to pursue a career in the Health Care Department of the Retail Industry.

The establishment is well known for their diverse set of jobs in Africa, as well as many of their beneficial programmes including an apprenticeship at their very own Data Science Academy. On top of that, MediRite is famous for their many opportunities that allows you to get involved no matter which field you belong to.

Grantees of the bursary will be awarded with supporting financial aid that provides coverage for their tuition expenses, and any on-campus accommodation costs. However, upon successful graduation, grantees are also obligated to partake in a work-back agreement.

All interested candidates who show academic talents and the drive to succeed are highly encouraged to give this opportunity a shot. MediRite, famously known for their inspiring working staff, are constantly seeking out for a new generation of young people who are able to become part of their family and achieve their vision and missions.

MediRite Pharmacy Bursary Requirements
Interested applicants of the MediRite Pharmacy Bursary will need to fulfill a few requirements before they are able to join the programme. While it is a typically general bursary, there are a few important things that applicants will need to take note of in order to guarantee success with their applications. All candidates must be specializing in a Bachelors of Pharmacy with any concentration related to Pharmacy Technical Assistant/Technician qualification. Furthermore, they must finish the first six months of their studies with an average score of at least 60% or more.

How to Apply MediRite Pharmacy Bursary 2020-2021
To apply for the MediRite Pharmacy, candidates must first visit the MediRite E-Recruitment Website. Once you have accessed the website, you will need to first check the programme’s availability status. If it is closed at the time of the search, no need to worry. Just come back any time in the future to see if there are updates on future openings. However, it the programme is currently accepting applications, you can simply apply directly on the very same website.

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