OMT (Oppenheimer Memorial Trust) Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

OMT (Oppenheimer Memorial Trust) Profile
The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, or OMT for short, is a trust establishment formed a a means to provide support mainly towards the fields of education, philanthropy, and any activities that has to do with the general public interest. Founded since 1958, the OMT is a tribute created by the late Mr Harry Oppenheimer dedicated to this father, Sir Ernest. Since then, the OMT has been continuously providing financial assistance in the form of grants for selected education institutions and organizations. In addition, the OMT also takes part in the development of the local arts, volunteer work, and policy research. Per 2012, the OMT has made a donation of approximately ZAR 1 Billion, in which the entire sum is made use to leave a positive impact on South African grounds.

About OMT (Oppenheimer Memorial Trust) Bursaries 2020-2021
The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust (OMT) is offering a limited number of yearly scholarships for postgraduate students in public tertiary education institutions. The OMT Bursaries are allocated specifically for talented, bright South African pupils who are pursuing either their Master’s, Doctoral, or Postdoctoral studies. However, Doctoral and Postdoctoral students who are passionate about developing their local academia environment may be given a higher preference. Grants from this bursary programme will only be rewarded to students who display a capable amount of educational capabilities and astounding academic achievements. The best part? Foreign nationals are invited to participate in this bursary programme as well – however, this is only exclusively available for Postdoctoral students.

OMT (Oppenheimer Memorial Trust) Bursary Requirements
Future applicants of the OMT Bursaries must oblige to the requirements that have been established by the programme. The OMT Bursary Requirements are as stated below:

A 500-word or less signed statement with these following details:

    • Basic background
    • Educational history
    • General interests
    • Personal values
    • Term plans for the upcoming future (short-medium term)
    • Future career goals.

Intended Study

  • A basic outline entailing the candidate’s desired study degree/programme, as well as their preferred higher education institution, followed by their study period
  • Minimum explanation of the candidate’s planned course work/dissertation topic, fieldwork, including a short summary of their research ideas
  • An explanation of the significance of their study and how much it will impact the current conditions of today’s available research
  • Positive benefits that not only you will receive from conducting this research, but also the local South African academia and possibly the general public
  • The candidate’s supervisor’s name as well as their designation at the moment (if available)
  • Valid proof of application or any admission offers (if required).

Personal Information, Qualifications and Academic Record

  • Recently updated Curriculum Vitae (maximum of three pages)
  • Newest 3x4cm sized photograph
  • A full academic transcript and any available copies of their educational qualifications
  • The full names and contact information of three referees.

Letters of Recommendation / Referees’ Reports

  • Referees that have been included in the applications must have a basic understanding of the candidate’s research plans and are willing to testify to the candidate’s accomplishments
  • Candidates are to request their referees to send in officially signed letters as well as a confidential cover to OMT.


  • Candidates are to provide full, undisclosed information about their financial status by sending in a statement containing their income and expenditure budget (maximum of one page)
  • The bursary offers coverage for tuition expenses, subsistence, and study materials – if candidates happen to have any expenses related to their projects or research, these will need to be explained in a separate page, but please be kindly advised that these expenses will not be given coverage by the Trust
  • Candidates are to provide information regarding their savings, scholarship offers, financial contributions from family members, loans, external bursaries awards, and any available income from the candidate’s part-time jobs
  • Additionally, candidates are required to clearly state which types of funds are secured (complete with valid proof) and any other funds that have been registered for but have not been given confirmation yet.

How to Apply OMT (Oppenheimer Memorial Trust) Bursary 2020-2021
Now that you have all of the requirements set, it is time to being your OMT Bursary Applications. To get started, you will need to pay great attention to the application instructions below.

1. Time-lines for Submissions & Procedures:

  • Applications are required to be sent in at least four months before the candidate’s registration date
  • Candidates must send in their applications electronically in Word Format. PDF versions of your applications will not be accepted. Application dossiers must consist of the following items: a letter of motivation, study plans, most recent Curriculum Vitae, and budget estimates. Any other documents are to be sent in a different application cover
  • Candidates must inform the Trust of any of their financial requests
  • Finished applications that have fulfilled all of the requirements that are asked of by the committee will be up for evaluation within a period of four months past their date of registration

2. Studies in Progress
Interested candidates who are currently in the midst of their Doctoral or Postdoctoral studies will be considered by the community. However, these types of applications will be considered under an ad hoc basis. Candidates will only need to fully comply with the guidelines that have been standardized.

3. Eligibility and Tenure
The bursary scheme is offered to candidates who are only undertaking one type of educational course. Candidates who are pursuing two types of degrees will not be eligible for this bursary scheme. Furthermore, the duration of these bursaries are limited, and differ based on the level of their educational degree. For instance, the bursary provides coverage up to two years for Master’s students, up to three years for Doctoral students, and up to two years for PostDoctoral students. However, Master’s students who plan on advancing towards a Doctoral degree may be given a certain exception.

Please be kindly advised that the bursary can be renewed, but only on a yearly basis. However, there is a catch. To be considered for renewal, bursary grantees must provide proof of academic progress and any available accomplishments through the year. Also, just like first-time applicants, grantees must comply to the bursary guidelines and their re-applications instructions.

4. Value of Awards
The value of each bursary scheme may differ from one grantee to another. However, the bursary will not provide full-cost coverage, and interested candidates are highly advised to keep an eye out on any other funding schemes from their host tertiary institutions. However, all types of funding applications must be reported back to the OMT for verification.

5. Awards
Awards will only be rewarded to successful grantees on the basis of educational qualifications and academic progress. All decisions are made by the Trustees at their very own discretion, and all decisions are final.

6. Failure
All of the requirements and guidelines must be fulfilled in order to ensure a smooth and successful application procedure. Grantees are also required to keep the Trustees on the loop for any available updates or progress with their studies. Any candidates found to be sending in incomplete applications will automatically be disregarded. Similarly, applicants.

7. Correspondence
Should you have any further enquiries or concerns with the OMT Bursaries, you may direct your questions and concerns to this provided e-mail address: [email protected]

OMT (Oppenheimer Memorial Trust) Contact Address
Office Address:
The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust
First Floor
No. 9 St. David’s Park
St. David’s Place
South Africa 2193

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11551 9500
Email: [email protected]

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