Anglo American Thermal Coal Bursary Programmes 2021-2022

Anglo American Thermal Coal Profile
Anglo American Thermal Coal is a South African-based coal mining company that mostly produces thermal coals for the South African market. As a coal mining company, Anglo American Thermal Coal has several mining operation bases. Some of the mining operation bases’ examples are its fully-owned Kriel operation, the Zebulo base that produces many mining resource products, and the double-staged Phola coal washing plant that is formed jointly with BHP Billiton Energy Coal South Africa (or BECSA).

Other than some of the aforementioned mining bases, Anglo American Thermal Coal also fully-owned seven different operating pits in Goedehoop, Greenside, Kleinkopje, Landau, New Denmark, Isibonelo and New Vaal. These huge ownerships, coupled with Anglo American Thermal Coal’s whopping amount of productivity upsurges at 50.3 Mt mining volume in 2015, have proven Anglo American Thermal Coal’s business position all around South Africa.

About Anglo American Thermal Coal Bursaries 2021-2022
Anglo American Thermal Coal’s bursaries are generally offered for highly-ambitious individuals who want to accomplish a promising career in the mining industries and study Engineering-based subjects in its partnering Universities. When those individuals graduate from Anglo American Thermal Coal, they are not only able to develop their coal mining-based capabilities in one of Anglo American Thermal Coal’s mining operation bases but also gain professional qualifications thanks to Anglo American Thermal Coal’s support and guidance sessions during the bursary periods.

To this, Anglo American Thermal Coal’s Bursary Committee has arranged mentors for each recipient to monitor their bursary recipients’ progress as well as providing them with plenty of consulting sessions to enable those recipients to handle university lives better. These mentoring teams will keep in touch regularly with the recipients so that recipients will be fully-equipped with real-world experiences once they graduate.

In addition, Anglo American Thermal Coal also funds their bursary recipients’ tuition fees and meal-based costs in full amount. Bursary recipients will also get allowances for several types of purposes, including for accommodation, for books, and to fulfil monthly living costs.

Anglo American Thermal Coal Bursary Requirements
To be able to gain such benefits from Anglo American Thermal Coal’s bursary programme, applicants will have to follow these below-mentioned requirements:

  • Be South African people who live anywhere near Anglo American Thermal Coal’s mining communities
  • Have at least Level 5 (or 60%) overall proficiency in Grade 11 and Grade 12 for Mathematics and Physical Sciences studies (Special Note: Maths Literacy subject will not be accepted)
  • Intend to study either one of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering, or Rock Engineering at South African’s recognised science-based Universities.

How to Apply Anglo American Thermal Coal Bursary 2021-2022
Applicants should first and foremost visit Anglo American Thermal Coal’s official website to apply for its bursary programme and have their applications screened before they undergo their first interpersonal skills-based interview sessions. Those who have passed the interpersonal interview sessions are then invited to undertake psychometric assessments to match their qualifications and capabilities with Anglo American Thermal Coal’s bursary programme’s field-specific requirements.

Shortlisted applicants from the psychometric assessment test will then visit random mine sites to have a glimpse on South African’s coal mining industries. Finally, before these applicants can be appointed as Anglo American Thermal Coal’s bursary recipients, they will undergo final one-on-one interview sessions with Anglo American Thermal Coal’s senior managers from the relevant fields that applicants choose.

Anglo American Thermal Coal’s bursary programme usually opens in June every year, with different closing deadlines every year. For opening and closing deadlines of its bursary programme, applicants can visit Anglo American Thermal Coal’s main search portal.

Anglo American Thermal Coal Contact Address
Office Address:
55 Main Street,

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Email: [email protected]

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