DRDLR (Department of Rural Development and Land Reform) Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

DRDLR (Department of Rural Development and Land Reform) Profile
The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, or commonly abbreviated to DRDLR, is one of the many departments that is conceived and established directly under the supervision of the South African government. DRDLR has many responsibilities that mainly deals with local geographical sectors. Some of the tasks and duties carried out by the DRDLR includes land reform, surveying, topographic mapping, and many more.

On top of their job description, DRDLR has also initiated a couple of programmes that brings forth the the nation’s need for development. A prominent examples it the Agri-Parks programme, where DRDLR promotes the development specifically in rural areas and to try bring a new kind of transformation within local markets and small-enterprise farmers. Another example it the National Rural Youth Service Corps, where it pushes the the need to fill in the gaps within the nation’s skills development and employment programmes by encouraging local youths, especially females, to proactively develop their consciousness over these two matters.

About DRDLR (Department of Rural Development and Land Reform) Bursaries 2020-2021
The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform is providing generous bursaries towards South African studies who are advancing on their tertiary education. Interested applicants of this bursary must be pursuing any one of these study courses mentioned below:

  • BSc / BA – Geo-informatics / Geographic Information Science
  • National Diploma – Town and Regional Planning
  • BSc – Land Surveying / Geomatics
  • National Diploma – Surveying / Cartography
  • BSc – Town and Regional Planning / Urban Design

The busrary programme is given out to students who not only show great potential in their academics, but urgently has a need to receive financial aid in order to succeed. This programme is mainly looking out for candidates who are currently recognized as any one of these following categories:

  • Current Grade 12 learners
  • Has passed their Grade 12 education in their previous academic years
  • Already enrolled in an accredited tertiary institution
  • Female students, as well as people with disabilities, are highly recommended to give this opportunity a try.

Please be kindly informed that all types of enrollments into any tertiary institutions, as well as the candidates’ accommodation within the University/University of Technology’s premises, are all responsibilities that must be held by the candidates themselves. Selected awardees will be subject to a legitimate contract directly with the Department. On top of that, awardees will be granted with coverage for their tuition expenses, registration fees, daily meals, accommodation costs, living allowance, and fees for prescribed study materials. The bursary may be renewed on a nearly basis, provided that the bursar is able to maintain their academic track record in the upcoming years.

DRDLR (Department of Rural Development and Land Reform) Bursary Requirements
To apply for the DRDLR Bursary, it is important for candidates to fulfill the eligibility criteria beforehand. While the DRDLR Bursary is a rather open programme with not many strict requirements, there are two items that must be taken seriously before you can become a future candidate of this programme. Future applicants must be officially recognized as a citizen of South Afirca. Furthermore, candidates must already own a National Senior Certificate in the key subjects of Mathematics and Physical Science (Level 4, HG D, or SG C).

How to Apply DRDLR (Department of Rural Development and Land Reform) Bursary 2020-2021
Now that you’re all set, it’s time to apply for the DRDLR Bursary! The application instructions are as listed below:

  • Fill in the Official Bursary Application Form with complete information – you can obtain the form online at the Official DRDLR Website
  • After filling up the application form, there are a couple of supporting documents that you will need to prepare as well, such as:
    • Valid proof of the candidate’s home address, which could be any either of these documents below:
      • A letter from the Traditional Authority Offices for those residing from the villages
      • A letter from the Municipality Offices for those staying in town/townships/farms. (not statement of account, e.g. water bill. etc).
    • Valid copy of the candidate’s student Identity Document
    • Your most recent Curriculum Vitae, which displays your entire description as well as your contact information
    • Valid copy of your Matric/Grade 12 result slips
      • However, if you are still in Matric, you can send in a valid copy of your Matric/Grade 12 once it has been available
    • Valid copy of your end-year results slips/most recent academic transcript (for tertiary students)
    • Valid letter of acceptance issued by your respective institution/university
    • Documents of your parents/guardian’s income documents (salary payslips)
    • If your parents are deceased, please attach their death certificates

Should you not be able to provide a letter of acceptance from a university and your year-end results (Grade 12 or Tertiary), you can still submit your bursary applications as well as the other supporting documents to any either of this e-mail: [email protected], or [email protected], [email protected]. Be sure to have them sent before the closing date as well.

If your applications dossiers are already complete (bursary application form, as well as the supporting documents), be sure that have them sent to these addresses below:

Postal Carriage:
The Special Bursary Committee, Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
Office of the Chief Surveyor General
Private Bag X954, Pretoria, 0001


Hand Devliery:
The Special Bursary Committee, Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
Office of the Chief Surveyor General
2nd floor Rentmeester Building
Bosman Street

Applications must all be sent way before the closing date. Any applications that are submitted past the deadline will automatically not be acknowledged by the committee. Announcements will be made to selected students who have passed the application procedure. If you have not heard back from the Office within 4 months past the deadline, we regret to inform you that your applications have been deemed unsuccessful. Should you have any further inquiries or concerns, you may have all of them directed to any one of these available hotlines: +27 82 827 6215 or +27 82 827 0666

DRDLR Contact Address
Office Address:
Old Building, 184 cnr Jeff Masemola and Paul Kruger Streets, PRETORIA

Mail Address:
Private Bag X833, PRETORIA, 0001

Tel: +27 12 312 8911
Fax: +27 12 312 8066
Email: [email protected]
Site: http://www.drdlr.gov.za/

Source: DRDLR; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: drdlr.gov.za.

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