WSP Bursary Programmes 2021-2022

WSP Profile
WSP is a worldwide group that has racked up years of experience providing expert services in the realm of Engineering. From their early years, it has become WSP’s sole mission to create a prominent global infrastructure that not only benefits the company, but also supports their local communities. WSP’s main activities in the Civil Engineering Industry ranges from Design & Engineering, Operations & Maintenance, to Strategic Consulting. Whatever their clients request, WSP goes the extra mile and comes up with tailor-made strategies to fulfill their demands from one end to another.

With an expansive global presence in over 40 countries, WSP is not just a massive group of engineers. The commpany is made up of a diverse set of employees that brings forth new, creative ideas onto the table. You’ll find people of all walks of life and professions, such as scientists, planners, environmental specialists, technicians, and even construction management professionals roaming around the offices. Thanks to the hard work and sweat for their 43 000 employees, WSP is able to accommodate a variety of sectors. Not only does the company play a crucial role in Property and Buildings. When it comes down to transportation, resources, and energy departments, WSP has their own credentials as well.

About WSP Bursaries 2021-2022
WSP is offering multiple bursary programmes for talented, hard working students who are attaining their education in Environmental Studies and Engineering. The WSP Bursaries is offered as a means of supporting South African students with the necessary financial support. Besides funding, awardees will be given the opportunity to experience vacation work and have a guarantee of being employed upon graduation from their studies. By providing assistance throughout their studies in an accredited local university, awardees are able to reach their full academic potential and contribute greatly to the country.

Engineering Bursaries
WSP is searching for well-rounded students who are pursuing their studies in the Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering Department. Try out this bursary programme if you are someone with these following qualifications:

  • Registered as a student of Engineering and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in either Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering
  • Currently in your 2nd-Final year of your degree
  • Has attained at least a 65% average aggregate score for your school subjects in the 2019 academic year
  • Must not be under another external scholarship or receiving any other forms of financial assistance
  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Preference will be offered to individuals originating from disadvantaged communities or family backgrounds.

Environmental Sciences Bursary
WSP is keeping their eyes and ears out for 3rd year and Honours students who display remarkable potential within the Environmental Science Department. Give this bursary programme a shot if you have these qualifications below:

  • Registered as a student of Environmental Sciences and pursuing either a Bachelor of Science Degree or Bachelor of Science Honours Degree
  • Currently in your 3rd year or Honours of your degree
  • Has attained at least a 75% average aggregate score for your school subjects in the 2019 academic year
  • Must not be under another external scholarship or receiving any other forms of financial assistance
  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Preference will be offered to individuals originating from disadvantaged communities or family backgrounds.

WSP Bursary Requirements
Even though there are two kinds of schemes under the WSP Bursary, both of them requires candidates to adhere to a general set of requirements. These are all personal attributes that candidates are expected to uphold in order to receive the well-deserved financial assistance. The more values a candidate pertains, the higher the chances of getting accepted by the selection committee.

The WSP Bursary General Requirements are as follows:

  • Knows how to generate a sense of belonging in a certain community
  • Able to tackle upon constructing assignments within a team setting
  • Displays high levels of enthusiasm and self motivation
  • Feeds on new knowledge and can handle constructive criticism
  • Can withstand pressure and has efficient stress management skills
  • Shows impeccable communication capabilities (both verbal and written)
  • Has a keen eye for the small details
  • Knows how to manage their workload in a timely manner
  • Can be trusted upon with a variety of responsibilities
  • Owns a solution-oriented mindset
  • Willing to come up with new innovations
  • Displays entry-level leadership qualities.

How to Apply WSP Bursary 2021-2022
Applications for the WSP Bursary are conducted online. First off, all interested candidates must access the Official WSP Careers Portal. From here on, candidates are required to check whether the programme they are interested in is currently accepting applications or not. If it is, you may proceed to compile these following supporting documents:

  • A filled in application form
  • Valid copies of your most recent academic track records issued by your respective tertiary institution
  • A valid copy of your Matric score results
  • A valid copy of your Identity Document
  • Your most recent Curriculum Vitae (complete with the correct contact information)
  • Brief letters of reference (at least two)
  • A letter of declaration that has been signed which states that you are currently not under any other scholarship or financial assistance.

Once your documents have been compiled into one folder, please submit them onto the same Career Portal. Please be kindly advised that applications sent through other external methods (e.g. e-mail, fax), will not be accepted by the selection committee.

However, if the bursary scheme is not accepting applications right now, no need to worry. The availability status of each programme may differ from one time to another. Come back to the same career portal any time in the future to check for new opening updates. Make sure to visit regularly so that you don’t miss out.

Should you have any further enquiries or concerns about the WSP Bursary Programme, do not hesitate to deliver your questions to this provided e-mail address: [email protected]. Be sure to request all the information that you need in order to ensure a smooth and efficient registration procedure.

WSP Contact Address
Office Address:
WSP House
Building C
33 Sloane Street
South Africa

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 361 1300

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