Bowman Gilfillan Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

Bowman Gilfillan Profile
Bowmans Gilfillan is a leading law firm that is based within the Pan-African area. The firm has years of experience in offering services on both a domestic and cross-border level, with services ranging from corporate law, dispute resolution, as well as finance law. At the moment, Bowmans Gilfllan is located in several locations, with their six offices place in the cities of Cape Town, Kampala, Kenya, Nairobi, Antananarivo, Johannesburg, and Durban. Furthermore, the firms has expanded themselves to other nations, such as which includes South Africa, Madagascar, and Uganda.  Under the hardworking souls of 400 professional lawyers, the employees of the firm are situated in different locations – this gives them the advantage of conducting their legal services based on geographical grounds.

About Bowman Gilfillan Bursaries 2020-2021
The Bowman Gilfillan Bursaries is an annual programme that is awarded to several academically talented students who are interested in pursuing the field of law. Interested applicants who display impeccable Matric results with a passion in law are more than welcome to give this busrary programme a shot. Not only does the Borman Gilfillan Bursaries takes your academic results into consideration – the firm’s friendly and informal working cultures allows students to shape their own paths under an environment that promotes constant development.

On top of that, there are a list of reasons why the Bowman Gilfillan Bursaries are well-favored amongst law students.

  • While it is indeed a working site, the establishment encourages your to create long-lasting relationships with your fellow colleagues
  • Be given the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from some of the country’s best law professionals
  • Have a deep insight look into the establishment’s blue-chip client-base and the entire law working culture
  • Be exposed to the four different sectors of the law department and find out which one works out for you the best
  • Receive several chances to take part in the establishment’s pro bono work and provide assistance towards the general public.

Bowman Gilfillan Bursary Requirements
The Bowman Gilfillan Bursary is available for students who are able to fulfill the eligibility criteria that has been standardized by the programme. The committee is taking great lengths to see which candidates truly deserve the opportunity that arises. Failure to meet all of these qualifications below may result in failure throughout your application procedure.

The Bowman Gilfillan Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Applicants must be enrolled for an education in the field of either BA Law, BCom Law, or LLB degree, specifically with a concentration in the department of corporate law
  • The bursary programme is given out on the basis of the candidate’s academic achievements and results
  • Candidates must believe in values such as team work, drive, high quality service, excellence, and upmost passion for the craft – not only must you be knowledgeable, but you must also be a well-rounded individual as well
  • Preference will be offered towards applicants who originate from any previously disadvantaged communities
  • Candidates who are keen on the bursary programme are more than welcome to sign up for the bursary online.

How to Apply Bowman Gilfillan Bursary 2020-2021
Time to sign up for the Bowman Gilfillan Bursary! To get started, all interested candidates must check out the Official Bowman Gilfillan Campaign Site. Once you have reached the site, candidates must check the availability status of the programme beforehand. If the bursary is close at the time of the search, no need to worry. Simply come back any time in the future to check for future openings. However, if the bursary is currently accepting applications, please proceed to follow these application instructions below.

All applications for the Bowman Gilfillan Bursary must contain a list of supporting documents that are important for the committee’s evaluation. The documentation that candidates will need to send in includes your most recent Curriculum Vitae, an Identity Document, a complete academic transcript, and an elaborate letter of motivation explaining why you deserve this bursary programme. Additionally, candidates will also need to attached their Matric Certificate, a valid copy of your university transcript (as per required, one the condition that you are currently studying), and a valid copy of your Identity Document. All of these documents must be compiled into 1 (ONE) main document.

After you have compiled your documents into one entire application dossier, you can have them submitted to this following e-mail address: [email protected]. Be sure to put in “Bursary Application: Your Name” in the Subject Line of the e-mail. Be sure to have all of these application instructions followed. Candidates discovered to be sending in their applications in other methods, or have any one of their documents missing, will not qualify for the bursary programme.

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:
22 Bree Street
Cape Town
South Africa

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 21 480 7800
Fax: +27 21 480 3200
Email: [email protected]

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