LegalWise Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

LegalWise Profile
LegalWise is a legal aid firm that is founded by Zak Crafford around the 1970s. The firm is established as a means to provide local South African citizens with accessible assistance in both legal and justice matters. As everyone deserves equal opportunities to receive such fair and cost-friendly assistance, LegalWise makes sure that their clients are able to have a lawyer by their side and make sure that their customers knows their basic rights as according the jurisdictions that have taken place. At the end of the day, LegalWise stands up for what is important: justice and honesty in a democratic society.

About LegalWise Bursaries 2020-2021
LegalWise is providing a number of bursaries to a few selected individuals who are considered to be members of the establishment, as well as their children. This bursary programme is directly held by LegalWise themselves, in which they hold all the rights to accept or reject any candidate’s applications as per the committee’s guidelines and current needs. There are a number of things that needs to be paid attention to before you can give this bursary a short, such as:

  • Awardees must be able to finish their academic studies in the minimum number of years that has been set out by the University that they have registers to – failure to complete their studies by then results iprthe awardee having to pay back the bursary to LegalWise
  • Awardees of the bursary must be obligated to work under the LegalWise Branch that is closest to the awardee during their vacation period (according to the University academic year.) The total number of weeks that the awardee must allocate their time for vacation for is 5 weeks each year (two weeks during June, and the rest during December). Awardees will be given a remuneration for this period
  • Awardees who are pursuing their education in either BCOM (Management), BCOM (Accounting), BCOM (Industrial Psychology), or BCOM (Human Resource Management) will need to report to their vacation work and any other duties direct in Roodepoort, Gauteng – travel and accommodation expenses will be directed to their own personal accounts
  • Upon successful graduation of their studies, all selected awardees must comply to the service obligation with LegalWise.

The LegalWise Bursaries are only available in a number of universities that the company has worked with, such as:

  • University of Cape Town
  • University of Venda
  • University of Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • North-West University (Mafikeng or Potchefstroom campus)
  • Walter Sisulu University (Mthatha)
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • University of the Free State
  • University of Witwatersrand (WITS)
  • Tshwane University of Technology
  • University of Pretoria
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (PE)
  • University of the Western Cape
  • Rhodes University
  • University of the North
  • University of Zululand
  • University of Fort Hare
  • University of South Africa (UNISA)
  • University of Johannesburg

The LegalWise Bursary provides several financial benefits that will greatly provide assistance towards awardees during the course of their studies (terms and conditions apply), including:

  • Partial funding as coverage for the awardee’s annual registration fees and tuition expenses of up to ZAR 40 000
  • Funding will be provided based on the awardee’s academic performance and all of the results submissions to the Bursary Administrator
  • Renewal of the bursary after each academic year is possible provided that the awardee is able to maintain their astounding academic achievements and has actively participated in the LegalWise vacation work
  • Should an awardee fail any on of their subjects in university, the bursary committee will not provide financial funding for it.

LegalWise Bursary Requirements
To apply for the LegalWise Bursary, all candidates must oblige to the eligibility criteria that has been standardized by the bursary committee. Each of these items below will determine whether you will be accepted by the programme or not. Failure to have all of these fulfilled with cause disadvantageous consequences towards your overall results. Therefore, be sure to have all of these items checked!

The LegalWise Bursary Requirements are:

  • The bursary programme will not be offered to students who are currently in the first year of their studies
  • The bursary programme will not be offered to individuals who are only taking part time studies
  • Candidates must be officially recognized as a full-time student in any one of the chosen Universities, and is pursuing any one of these degrees below:
    • BCOM (Accounting)
    • BCOM (Industrial Psychology)
    • BCOM
    • BCOM (Human Resource Management)
    • LLB
    • BCOM (Management)
    • BA (Law)
  • Must have attained a minimum “C” aggregate scores (60%) in your prior academic year
  • Must have proven fluency in both written and spoken language, as well as another official language
  • Holds onto core values such as positivity, drive to succeed, commitment to studies, and become a team player
  • Display wonderful communication capabilities
  • Selected candidates who have passed the application procedure must partake in an interview conducted at the LegalWise Branch nearest to their residences
  • The bursary programme will only be awarded to students during the following academic year of their studies
  • All candidates must make sure that their parents/guardians are a full paid-up member of LegalWise (with an active membership of a minimum 2 years).

How to Apply LegalWise Bursary 2020-2021
To begin your registration, all candidates must download the Official Application Form beforehand. Once you have the application form in your hands, make sure you follow these instructions below:

  • Read all of the instructions that have been stated on the application form before you begin filling it up
  • All sections must be completely filled in and everything must be written as clearly as possible
  • Applications that still have empty parts or is incomplete will automatically be disregarded by the committee
  • All application forms must have attachments of supporting documents, which includes the following items below:
    • A valid copy of your Matric examination results slips, as well as a full academic track record issued directly by your respective universities
    • A valid copy of your most recent examination results originating from the first semester ofyour academic studies
    • A valid copy of your most recent student account issued by the University that reflects all of the financial transactions that have been made during the respective academic year
    • A letter of motivation or full essay that explains a bit about yourself and why you deserve to receive the LegalWise Bursary (maximum of 750 words)
    • A letter of recommendation issued by any one of your parents, legal guardians, or even a friend
    • Valid proof of your household incomes issued by your parents, legal guardians, or spouse (could be in the form of payslips, SASSA grants, tax return statements, letters from employers, etc.)
    • A valid copy of the candidate’s South African Identity Document, and their parents’/guardians Identity Documents as well
    • Valid proof that your are either the biological child or adopted by a full-fledged member of LegalWise (could be in the form of birth certificate, marriage certificate, Membership card)
    • Valid proof from the University that you are currently a full-time student in any one of the aforementioned universities studying any one of the selected courses.

Make sure that you have your application dossiers all prepped up and ready. Once it’s all good on your end, be sure to have them submitted way before the closing date on September, 30th. You can submit your application dossiers through any one of these methods below:

  • Postal Carriage: External Bursary Department, c/o LegalWise, P.O. Box 1524, Florida, Gauteng, 1709
  • Scan and E-mail: [email protected]
  • Fax: +27 11 670 4557
  • Hand Delivery: your nearest LegalWise Branch.

Application Submission Instructions:

  • Application dossiers will only be considered by the committee provided they have been fully completed and have all of the supporting documentation submitted before the closing date
  • Valid copies are only to be sent (verification will be conducted by the SAPS or SA Post Office) – make sure that you do not send in original copies
  • You can make your affidavit at your closest Police Station.

LegalWise Contact Address
Office Address:
132 Fox St
1st Floor, Mathomo House
South Africa

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 1524, Florida, Gauteng, 1709

Tel: +27 11 836 8422
Fax: +27 11 836 8404
Email: [email protected]

Source: LegalWise; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture:

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