Scorpion Legal Protection Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

Scorpion Legal Protection Profile
Scorpion Legal Protection is a legal firm that provides assistance towards their loyal clients in strengthening their rights. Formed in 1996, the firm has been recognized by the Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Limited. Just like its name, Scorpion Legal Protection has dedicated themselves to helping people from different walks of life with their cost-friendly legal assistance. The firm’s working staff are standby 24/7 to ensure that you receive the appropriate advice to make their next legal move. In the event of court matters, Scorpion Legal Protection’s attorneys are more than ready to stand in as formal representation for their clients.

Years after their establishment, Scorpion Legal Protection has issued their very own Scorpion Funeral Plan. This scheme is designed offer funeral insurance that will truly make things easier during a time of bereavement. Lawyers of the firm provide legal support in matter’s such as the deceased’s assets that they have left. Like their other services, it comes at an affordable rate compared to most other firms. After all, Scorpion Legal Protection’s main goal is to ensure that their clients’ rights are greatly protected.

About Scorpion Legal Protection Bursaries 2020-2021
Scorpion Legal Protection is offering bursary schemes towards students who are currently pursuing their higher education studies within the field of Law. The Scorpion Legal Protection Bursaries is a programme designated towards full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the University of Johannesburg. In addition, only 2nd-year LLB/BCOM Law and BA Law students are allowed to participate in the bursary scheme.

Grantees of the Scorpion Legal Protection Bursaries are entitled to approximately ZAR 10 000 as financial assistance for each student. This sum of money will be used as coverage for the grantee’s tuition costs. Since this is a partial bursary, candidates are highly encouraged to search for other financial sources so that their other study-related needs can be fulfilled. If you wish to study under the bursary again for the following year, you can have the scheme renewed. However, grantees must display impressive academic merits in order to qualify for annual renewal.

All funding provided by the Scorpion Legal Protection will not be directly paid towards the grantees, but it will be transferred to their institutions instead. Therefore, no amount of the fun will be given out in cash. This also means that students are not eligible for any cash refunds. On top of that, candidates are strictly disallowed to use the financial assistance to pay off their personal debts. In the event a grantee fails any one of their subjects, the bursary will not provide coverage for said subject.

Scorpion Legal Protection Bursary Requirements
Before you can apply for the Scorpion Legal Protection Bursary, candidates will need to adhere to the programme’s eligibility criteria. These items below will be used by the selection committee to assess all incoming candidates on a fair basis. To guarantee a level of success, it is advised that you meet all of the requirements below. Failure to do so may greatly risk your chances of acceptance. Be sure to pay attention to the bursary scheme’s requirements.

The Scorpion Legal Protection Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Candidates are officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Or, candidates are considered to be immigrants living and pursuing their education in South Africa under a legal status
  • Candidates must be below 35 years old to apply
  • Recognized as a 2nd year undergraduate student enrolled in University of Johannesburg.

How to Apply Scorpion Legal Protection Bursary 2020-2021
Now that you have everything ticked off, time to apply for the Scorpion Legal Protection Bursary. Candidates must download the Official Bursary Application Form. Once you have acquired your application form, fill in all the queries with the appropriate personal information. All fields are to be completed using BLOCK LETTERS only. Only completed application forms with the correct information are accepted. Candidate discovered to be providing false information will be disqualified from the application procedure.

Besides your application form, candidates must also prepare a set of important documents, such as:

  • A legitimate copy of your Senior Certificate
  • A complete academic track record from the 1st year of your studies, to your current year of studies
  • A legitimate copy of your South African ID
  • A legitimate copy of your South African study permit (for applicants recognized as immigrants)
  • A valid copy of your parents’/guardians’ salary/pension records/social grant/security grant
  • An elaborate letter of motivation explaining why you deserve this bursary scheme.

Make sure that all of the required documents are compiled in one file. Any missing documents may lead to having your applications disqualified.

Scorpion Legal Protection Contact Address
Office Address:
First floor, cnr. Eloff and Main Streets, Marshalltown, Johannesburg

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 411, Newtown, 2113

Tel: +27 86 133 3333 or SMS to 34453
Fax: +27 86 557 4019
Email: [email protected]

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