SITFE (Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education) Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

SITFE (Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education) Profile
The Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education (SITFE) is an establishment formed in 1965 as a means to provide assistance towards individuals that are involved in the domestic sugar industry. SITFE has put their focus mainly onto sugarcane growing areas, namely Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal. Throughout the past 53 years, the initiative has come up with strings of efforts that puts a heavy emphasis on education. This means issuing bursaries, providing development programmes, and projects that promote the importance of arts and culture.

With their great efforts, SITFE has successfully supported a whopping 10.200 young students through their generous bursaries, which are mainly allocated towards higher education students. To push their educational agenda even more, SITFE has been partnering up with local educational organizations that more or less share the same vision and missions.

About SITFE (Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education) Bursaries 2020-2021
The SITFE Bursaries are provided towards students who require financial aid as a means to further support their education in any South African university. The bursaries are offered to those who display impeccable academic potential and leadership skills. Furthermore, in order to attain a SITFE Bursary, candidates must be studying in any of the mentioned universities below:

  • University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • University of the Western Cape
  • University of Mpumalanga
  • University Stellenbosch
  • Owen Sithole College of Agriculture
  • University of Cape Town
  • Durban University of Technology
  • Tshwane University of Technology
  • University of Pretoria
  • Rhodes University
  • University of Witwatersrand
  • Cedara College of Agriculture
  • University of Fort Hare
  • University of Zululand
  • Mangosuthu University of Technology
  • Sol Plaatje University
  • University of Johannesburg

SITFE (Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education) Bursary Requirements
The SITFE Bursary is only available towards students who are able to meet the eligibility criteria that has been standardized. This is to ensure that the committee is able to seek out students who truly deserve the financial aid to further develop themselves. Each of these items below will play great importance into determining whether you will be accepted or not.

The SITFE Bursary Requirements are:

  • Have enrolled in a the Faculties of Science, Engineering or Agriculture at either a University, University of Technology or College of Agriculture
  • Or, is legally recognized as a child of any sugarcane farm worker who has enrolled in the course of their choice at either a University, University of Technology or College of Agriculture
  • Preference will be provided towards these types of candidates:
    • Students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds
    • First year students originating from sugarcane areas (the sugar industry is prevalent).

How to Apply SITFE (Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education) Bursary 2020-2021
Applications for the SITFE Bursary are conducted online. First off, all interested candidates must check the availability status through the Official SITFE Website. Once you have confirmed that the bursary is currently open for registration, you may proceed to download the Official Application Form. In the same document, you can retrieve further information about the bursary as well. Application forms must have these following documentation below attached, including:

  • These results slips below:
    • Final Grade 11 results
    • Grade 12 June results
    • Grade 12 trial results (if available)
    • Final Grade 12 Statement of results (if available)
    • Or tertiary exam results if you have already enrolled yourself in a higher education institution
  • Valid proof that you have any relations with the sugar industry (if applicable)
  • Valid proof of your family household income (e.g. payslips, affidavit, pension receipts
  • Valid death certificate (if you parent is deceased)
  • Valid copy of your Identity Document
  • Letter of registration in any accredited University, University of Technology or College of Agriculture
  • A legitimate copy of your NSFAS application form.

All applications must be sent through Postal Carriage at this following address:

P.O. Box 700, Mount Edgecombe, 4300

However, if you are more comfortable with hand delivery, you can have delivered to this following address:

The Programme Administrator, External Affairs Division, South African Sugar Association
170 Flanders Dr, Blackburn Estate, Mount Edgecombe, 4302

SITFE is one of the many establishments that has partnered up with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Therefore, before you could register for the SITFE Bursary, all candidates will also need to apply online at the Official NSFAS Website as well.

SITFE Contact Address
Office Address:
170 Flanders Dr, Blackburn Estate, Mount Edgecombe, 4302

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 700, Mount Edgecombe, 4300

Tel: +27 31 508 7034
Fax: +27 31 508 7034
Email: [email protected]

Source: SITFE; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture:

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