ADvTech – Student Teacher Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

ADvTech Profile
ADvTECH is an establishment that primarily focuses on the South African education and recruitment sectors. The groups does not just conduct their operations in the nation of South Africa, but also the rest of Africa as well. Having taken up the sport as the biggest provider of education in the continent, ADvTech is highly well-known for some of their education-related brands, which includes The Business School at Varsity College, Capsicum Culinary Studio, The University of Africa in Zambia, Vega School, Varsity College, Abbotts Colleges, and Rosebank College.

The establishment has held three core values in shaping the way they work: to build, to grow, and to achieve. ADvTech is continuously building their establishment as the development of education is an important factor in the development of society. By then, the establishment will need to grow as they need to create a true, positive impact within the people that they are serving to. Once this has been conducted, only then can ADvTech achieve their goals and become leaders of the domestic markets.

About ADvTech Bursaries 2020-2021
The ADvTECH Schools Division is offering bursaries to the future teachers and students of tomorrow with a burning passion in the local educational sector. ADvTECH has always had their eyes on providing massive assistance towards the nation’s teaching talents. Without great teachers, there wouldn’t be great students. Therefore, the role of a teacher needs to be of the highest quality, which is exactly what ADvTECH is aiming for at the moment. The ADvTech Bursaries is available for both full-time studies, as well as part-time studies. Furthermore selected graduates of the bursary will be qualified enough for a placement in a selected ADvTECH institution (provided there is an available position).

The bursary provides multiple remunerations towards selected awardees, which includes:

  • 100% coverage for the grantees’s study expenses (which are related to their academic performance)
  • Be given the freedom to choose a full-time education or part-time education through any accredited higher institution
  • Be offered the chance to take part in a beneficial mentorship programme
  • Must be able to finish a minimum of one essential practical work component (if possible)
  • Be provided the chance to earn their own additional income through taking part in their institution’s activities (e.g. sports coach, teaching assistance, etc).

ADvTech Bursary Requirements
The ADvTech Bursary comes with a list of eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled by all incoming candidates. Each of these items have been carefully selected by the committee as a means of assessing their applicants. To ensure a guarantee of success with your applications, it is highly advisable that you have all of these requirements met. Not meeting all of these qualifications may result in failure with your applications.

The ADvTech Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Currently a matriculate, or a 3rd-4th year student
  • Must be specializing in any of these focus areas below:
    • Mathematics
    • Early Childhood Development
    • Science
    • African Languages First Additional Language (HS)
    • Foundation Phase

How to Apply ADvTech Bursary 2020-2021
Applications for the ADvTech Bursary are conducted online. First off, you will need to check the availability status of the bursary programme through the Official ADvTech Website. You will need to see whether the bursary is currently open for registration at the moment or not. If the bursary is currently closed, no need to feel discouraged. You can simply come back any time in the future to check for new openings. However, if the bursary is accepting applications, you may directly apply on the very same website.

ADvTech Contact Address
Office Address:
ADvTECH House, Building 7
Inanda Greens Office Park
54 Wierda Rd West
Wierda Valley

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 676 8000
Email: [email protected]

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  1. My name is sibongile Maseko from middelburg mpumalanga I’m interested in a bursary

  2. I will also like to be part of this this student teacher. During this lockdown period i am helping some community children with their school works.

  3. Application for student teacher I’m studying with SANTS private University doing 4 year BED in Foundation Phase, so I’m not financially okay. I’m having 3 kids and a bread winner in the family. I will be glad if my application will be considered.

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