SAGC (South African Geomatics Council) Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

SAGC (South African Geomatics Council) Profile
The South African Geomatics Council, or simply shortened to SAGC, is an establishment that provides legitimate accreditation towards all specialists within the Geomatics department. Formerly once known as the South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors – PLATO, SAGC is a obligatory go-to council that must be accessed by all geomatics professionals within the country. If you consider yourself to either be a Professional GISc Practitioner, Technician Surveyor, Technologist Surveyor, or a Surveyor, everyone of these individuals must have themselves registered with the establishment.

About SAGC (South African Geomatics Council) Bursaries 2020-2021
The SAGC Bursaries is a programme offer to university students who are currently undertaking their B.Sc Degree or National Diploma in the course of either Surveying/GIScience. There are a couple of conditions that all interested applicants will need to consider before they can apply for the bursary, such as:

  1. The applicants must currently be registered as a University student pursuing a full-time B.Sc. Degree in Surveying or GIScience. If the applicant is a National Diploma student, they must be pursuing a full-time study in the fields of Survey Technician, GISc Technician, or Mine Survey Technician
  2. If the applicant does not meet the registration deadline, or if they choose to continue with the registration, the bursary will become a loan instead, in which the applicant will need to pay back within the total allotted years of their studies
  3. Should the awardee fail any one of their study years, the bursary will also be converted into a loan, in which the applicant will need to pay back within the allotted years of their studies as well
  4. Applicants who fail twice during their bursary application procedure will not be provided even more assistance. If a candidate does pass, they can only register for the bursary in the next year instead
  5. Awardees may keep their bursary throughout the total year of their studies provided they are able to maintain an impressive academic track record, which is issued directly by the departmental Head of the University/University of Technology
  6. An interest will be applied onto loans (calculated at 10% per year). All interests are non-negotiable and must be paid as well
  7. All financial funding awarded by the bursary will be paid through two separate installments: April (with a valid receipt provided by the University’s Official Statement of Account), and August (with a valid receipt issued by the Departmental Head’s Progress Report)
  8. The Council holds all rights to modify the conditions of the bursary. Decisions made by the Council are final.

SAGC (South African Geomatics Council) Bursary Requirements
Applicants who are interested in giving the SAGC Bursary a shot must fulfill the eligibility criteria that has been set up by the Council. This allows them to seek out potential candidates who truly deserve the financial assistance to push their studies. Therefore, to ensure success, it is highly encourage that you take note of all these required qualifications below.

The SAGC Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Has a B.Sc in Surveying or Geomatics
  • Has a B.Tech in Surveying, Mine Surveying or Geomatics
  • Or, has a Diploma in Surveying, Mine Surveying, or GIS.

How to Apply SAGC (South African Geomatics Council) Bursary 2020-2021
Time to get started on your SAGC Bursary Applications! First off,  all candidates will need to download the Official Application Form. Once you have downloaded the application form, be sure to fill it in completely with only correct and accurate information. Candidates discovered to be providing false information or sending in incomplete application forms will automatically be disregarded from the application procedure.

After filling out your application forms, candidates will also need to have these following documents attached to their application forms:

  • A valid Matric certificate
  • Identity Documents
  • Certificates of your tertiary qualifications
  • Most recent results dating back from June and November
  • A provisional letter of acceptance at any University/University of Technology
  • Valid proof of admission in any tertiary institution.

Once you have prepared all of the items in your application dossier, be sure to have them all sent in before January 7th of each year. Be sure to have them submitted through Postal Carriage at this address below:

South African Geomatics Council
P.O. Box 752799
Garden View

SAGC Contact Address
Office Address:
Unit 3, Building 2
Bruma Boulevard Office Park
20 Zulberg Close

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 752799
Garden View

Tel: +27 11 626 1040/80
Fax: +27 11 626 2007

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