Coronation Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

Coronation Profile
Coronation Fund Managers, or better known as Coronation, is a South African’s third-party fund management and the investment-led company that was going from zero to hero. This is due to the founders’ relentless efforts in earning and maintaining their clients’ trusts, which result them from having no clients at all in its inception year in 1993 to be an active player in South African’s financial market with satisfied clients who always want more of their prominent asset management services and long-term, valuation-driven investment approaches.

Their products’ range from the Emerging Market Equity to the Hedge Funds are both client-centred and delivered in several exceptional ways. As a result, Coronation has successfully manage R588 billion assets per September 2014. Furthermore, Coronation’s presences as per today can be felt not only in South Africa as its main office location, but also in Ireland, United Kingdom, and Namibia as its office branches, as well as Namibia Asset Management as its strategic partner.

About Coronation Bursaries 2020-2021
Full Tertiary Bursary Fund Programme Offered by Coronation for Young and Talented Individuals. Coronation’s merit and financial-based bursary programme’s history can be traced back in the year of 1993, where the company was disbursing bursary funds to limited numbers of young, talented, yet previously disadvantaged people to study at any South African’s recognised universities. Starting from 2007, Coronation began to expand its bursary recipients’ groups to other talented candidates by the Staff Bursary Fund, a voluntary donation created by Coronation’s staffs to help fund selected recipients’ studies until they graduate.

Coronation’s commitment to addressing South African’s inequality through being a catalyst in education makes it continue to increase its bursary programmes’ relevance and effectiveness for each bursary recipient’s professional development. That way, Coronation doesn’t only increase the number of recipients annually, nor that it only disburses full tuition and academic-related expenses for its recipients as it used to be in its inception year, but also assign internals to be bursary recipients’ mentors who are ready to help them to adjust in the new university life.

These above-mentioned aids are not only benefitting Coronation’s bursary recipients but also become nice additions to their vacation work during the bursary periods in Coronation’s Cape Town office. When those bursary recipients are working or not working at the Cape Town office, trained tutors will also offer additional support materials to those recipients, so that these bursary recipients’ presences in South Africa will truly help in reducing the country’s inequality problems.

Coronation Bursary Requirements

How to Apply Coronation Bursary 2020-2021
Applicants who are interested to apply for Coronation’s bursary programme can register their account through Coronation’s official web portal. They can choose to fill in their data by clicking on the “Apply” button or link their Linkedin account by clicking on the “Apply with Linkedin” button or “Sign In with Linkedin” as soon as they got redirected to the login page after clicking on the “Apply” button. Applicants should also note that only those who are shortlisted will be sent a bursary contract from Coronation.

Coronation’s bursary programme is open year-round. Visit Coronation’s official search portal for more information on its 2020’s bursary programme’s opening and closing dates.

Coronation Contact Address
Office Address:
7th Floor
MontClare Place
Cnr Campground & Main Road
Cape Town
South Africa

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 21 680 2000
Fax: +27 21 680 2100
Email: [email protected]

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