Clicks Bursary Programmes 2020

Apply to Clicks Bursary Programmes to Achieve Your Career Success in Pharmacy
Clicks’ test-proven histories were dated back to the 1968 era. However, Clicks finally opened its first pharmacy store on 2004 due to the government’s restriction on pharmacy-based ownerships. That firstly-opened pharmacy store is now known as UPD or United Pharmaceuticals Distributors in South Africa.

Despite on its long struggles with the South African’s government, Clicks are currently leading South Africa’s healthcare markets with fantastic share percentages, which are 20.8% share of retail pharmacy markets and 24.6% in UPD respectively. Additionally, Clicks’ prominence is also evident in its workers, whose enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are beyond average.

As Clicks have (and will always) grow its retailing presences, this giant-scaled pharmaceutical drugstore-based company is committed to enhancing the quality of its workers through any means. One of the means is training young South African pharmacist talents to prepare successful careers in Clicks company to participate in South African Government’s National Healthcare Agenda.

The South African government’s currently surging demands in healthcare sector workers, including pharmacists, put Clicks as the South African’s healthcare-based market leader to pledge their funds to give bursaries to talented South African citizens intended to enroll in Bachelor of Pharmacy of selected tertiary institutions in South Africa. This Clicks-funded bursary will cover all of the student’s tuition fees with given case-by-case basis on additional funding elements that can be discussed further with the Bursary Committee.

Clicks Bursaries Requirements
In order to be considered eligible for Clicks bursary applications, potential candidates should meet these following requirements:

  • Be a citizen of South Africa
  • Aged between 19 – 35 years
  • Already registered as an Undergraduate BPharm 2nd – 4th-year student in the assigned South African-based university
  • Not holding any other bursaries while accepted bursaries from Clicks
  • Historically disadvantaged South African students are given the earliest priority

Clicks Bursaries Application
Clicks bursaries application can be done online through clicking the “To apply for a pharmacy bursary, click here” button on Clicks Group Recruitment’s official bursary page. Be sure to bookmark the assigned page in case the opening and closing dates are approaching. The opening and closing deadlines for Clicks bursaries application can be seen on the next point below.

Open and Closing Dates
The pharmacy bursary application period opens annually on the 1st August and closes on the 31st August. For more detailed information regarding Clicks pharmacy bursary application, kindly refer to its official website.

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