INISA (Initiative Southern Africa) Bursary Programmes 2020

INISA (Initiative Southern Africa) Profile
The Initiative Southern Africa, also known as INISA, is an establishment that has had its roots based by German individuals. Starting off as a non-profit establishment, even until now, INISA was designed as a means to promote several forms of developments on South African lands, mainly specializing in political social, cultural, economical sectors. It is hoped that with this establishment, there may be an exchange of understanding and further communications between the two nations – Germany and South Africa.

About INISA (Initiative Southern Africa) Bursaries 2020
INISA, short for the Initiative Southern Africa, is offering inviting both university and tertiary institution students to partake in their bursary programme. The bursaries are specifically allocated for students who originate from any countries that are categorized under the SADC Regions. These countries include:

  • Tanzania
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Namibia
  • Angola
  • Mozambique
  • Zambia
  • Botswana
  • Malawi
  • Lesotho
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe
  • Madagascar
  • Swaziland
  • Mauritius.

Selected participants of the  INISA Bursary programme will be given a financial funding that will help cover most of the students expenses. This funding will be used to provide coverage for 75% of the grantee’s tuition expenses, prescribed study materials, accommodation costs, as well as a monthly stipend of at least Euro 1,800.000.

INISA (Initiative Southern Africa) Bursary Requirements
The INISA Bursary is extending their arms to individuals who required financial assistance to pursue their education. However, in order to filter out students who truly need the opportunity, the committee has issued an eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled. To ensure success of the application procedure, all applicants are to adhere to these items below. Failure to do so may result in disadvantageous consequences to your applications.

The INISA Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be officially regarded as a citizen from an SADC Country
  • Currently enrolled in a full-time studies in an accredited university based in an SADC Country
  • Currently pursuing their university studies as a 2nd-3rd year student
  • Or, has finished a minimum of one year of their current studies and is planning to sign up for any further study programmes on the following year
  • Postgraduate students enrolled in either Honours, Masters or PhD courses are not eligible for this bursary programme.

The grant is open to students of all subjects, but particularly we encourage applications by science, engineering, economics and medical students.

Should the grant be awarded to more than one student the maximum amount will be split equally. INISA requires the student to provide proof of tuition related expenses with a fees account record, as the grant amount covers a percentage of these expenses and needs to be calculated on that basis before any payment is possible. The grant will be paid directly into the student’s fees account at the University. INISA requires the student to provide two reports on the progress of his/her studies in the year s/he is awarded the grant.

How to Apply INISA (Initiative Southern Africa) Bursary 2020
Interested applicants who meet all of the aforementioned requirements may immediately begin with their application;s. First off, all candidates are to prepare their application dossiers, which consists of these following documents:

  • A brief and elaborate Curriculum Vitae
  • The candidate’s passport photo (electronic format, maximum size of 500 KB)
  • A descriptive letter of motivation with a word limit of 1500 words (minimum 500 words). Furthermore, all letters of motivation must has these following items below:
    • The full names and contact information of the 2 referees (non-family members) who are able to support your bursary applications
    • Any available information on the external funding (e.g. scholarships, waivers) that you have received from any departments or sectors.

Only the above documents should be attached in your application dossiers. Any other forms of documentations, such as certificates or diplomas, are not asked of the committee during this phase of the application procedure. Once you have your application dossier all prepped up, you may immediately send them in to this provided e-mail address: [email protected]. Announcements will only be made to successful candidates to students who have been selected for the bursary. If you have not heard back from the programme, we regret to inform you that your applications has not been accepted. For selected individuals, please be informed that you will have to prepare yourselves for an interview with the committee.

INISA Contact Address
Office Address:

Mail Address:

Email: [email protected]

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