Adams & Adams – E.V. Adams Scholarship Programmes 2020

Adams & Adams Profile
Adams & Adams is a leading law firm that has laid its foundation upon African lands. Mainly dealing with the field of settling intellectual property, Adams & Adams also has their hands on multiple commercial services as well. At the moment, Adams & Adams is mainly based in the country of South Africa, but they have expanded their offices in several other countries within African borders. In total, the firm has a total working force of 200 employees under their wing, all committed to the many specializations that revolves around the area of intellectual property, commercial property, and of course, litigation. Whether you are an owner of a small business, or the boss of a massive corporation, Adams & Adams is able to instill a sense of understanding into what you really needs. Having gained the trust of more than 70 partners, it’s safe to say that Adams & Adams is a firm that you can rely on.

About Adams & Adams – E.V. Adams Scholarship 2020
Adams & Adams is proud to announce the E.V. Adams Scholarship, a yearly programme awarded to students who display tremendous academic abilities and talents. This scholarship is directly allocated towards well-deserving students who require immediate financial assistance to pursue their education. Successful recipients of the scholarship will be entitled to a massive sum of ZAR 50 000 that will be used to cover some of the student’s school-related expenses, which includes but are not limited to registration fees, tuition expenses, and any accommodation costs.

The E.V. Adams Scholarship can be renewed annually, provided that the recipient is able to maintain their astounding academic track record throughout their entire university years. To do so, all recipients must ensure that they are able to keep up with a minimal of 75% for their aggregate average scores. Additionally, since grantees are under the good name of Adams & Adams, students are also required to become the firm’s ambassadors and attend all necessary vacation work as a means of being exposed to the Adams & Adams working culture.

Adams & Adams – E.V. Adams Scholarship Requirements
Ready to sign up for the Adams & Adams E. V. Adams Scholarship? What are you waiting for – it is now time to get head start on your applications! However, all incoming applicants must double check with the eligibility criteria that has been standardized by the company. The purpose behind having these list of items is to ensure that anyone who is participating in this programme truly deserves the opportunity. Therefore, only a handful of candidates will be chosen to receive this generous scholarship.

The Adams & Adams E.V. Adams Scholarship Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Currently pursuing their studies in an accredited South African University
  • Enrolled in either a BA Law, BCom Law, or LLB degree course
  • Able to maintain their impressive academic track record
  • For first year students: have their result slips from Grade 11 and Grade 12 prepared, with these following scores below:
    • Minimum “B” score for English
    • Minimum “C” score for Mathematics
  • For tertiary students: be able to maintain an highly above average academic score
  • Able to show proof that the candidate requires immediate financial support
  • Has future plans of seeking for employed as Candidate Attorneys.

How to Apply Adams & Adams – E.V. Adams Scholarship 2020
Fellow candidates who are interested in giving this opportunity a shot may immediately begin their applications. First off, all incoming candidates will be required to fill in the online application form. Additionally, there are a list of items that are required to be attached to your application forms before you may submit them. These following documents include:

  • An elaborate, but brief Curriculum Vitae
  • A valid copy of your ID
  • A valid copy of your Matric Certificate
  • Copies of your most recent university result slips (with a legitimate university letter head)
  • For first year university students: a letter of acceptance and legitimate proof of registration into the university

Once your application dossier is all prepped, you may send in your applications to this provided e-mail address: [email protected]. The application period for the Adams & Adams E. V. Adams Scholarship is opened on an annual basis starting from November 1st, to February 28th. As part of the company’s initiative to promote a more inclusive work space, E.V. Adams will be taking their Employment Equity Statement into serious consideration. Therefore, all internal applicants will be given firsthand priority before accepting any external candidates. This is to ensure that E.V. Adams is able to fulfill the Equity Statement that has been laid out beforehand.

Adams & Adams Contact Address
Office Address:
Lynnwood Bridge
4 Daventry Street
Lynnwood Manor
South Africa

Mail Address:
PO Box 1014
South Africa
DOCEX 81 Pretoria

Tel: +27 12 432 6000
Fax: +27 12 432 6599
Email: [email protected]

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