BWA (Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa) Bursary Programmes 2020

BWA (Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa) Profile
BWA, also known as the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa, is a business-based association that aims to uplift the spirits of women participating in the particular field in the country of South Africa. Relying on the values of empowerment and development, the idea behind BWA is to motivate female students into participating in the nation’s socio-economic sector. BWA currently has their headquarters located in Joburg. However, their presence is prevalent all over the country. Having their foundation laid approximately 40 years ago, it is highly important to acknowledge the importance of female scholars in the business field. With the changing times, young women are need to be given further support in order to accelerate the country’s financial department. Hopefully, through BWA, more and more women will be interested in delving into this kind of sector in the future, and further push through new horizons in their studies and following business careers.

About BWA (Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa) Bursaries 2020
The Businesswomen’s Association is giving out generous bursary programmes for female post-graduate scholars who require financial funding for their studies. With this initiative having started since the year 1988, BWA is a programme that truly helps students to pursue their dream education without having to think about the financial burden that looms around them. Selected recipients of the bursary programme will be entitled to multiple coverage for their university expenses. Furthermore, the BWA Bursaries is just one of the many programmes with funds originating from the Businesswoman of the Year Award proceeds, allocated as per below:

  • 80% of the Businesswoman of the Year Award proceeds allocated to bursary programmes
  • 20% will be allocated into an interest bearing account
  • All fundings will be reviewed on a three-year basis.

BWA (Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa) Bursary Requirements
Interested in giving the BWA Bursary Programme a shot? All candidates are required to fulfill a set of eligibility criteria in order to participate in this programme. Each of these items below will play a crucial role in determining whether you will be accepted by the committee or not. Therefore, it is highly advisable for students to meet all of these requirements below. Failure to do so may just result in consequences to the overall result of your applications.

The BWA Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be a female student
  • Are officially recognized as a legitimate national of South Africa
  • Currently enrolled in a post-graduate degree education
  • A student of a well-accredited University or Institute of Technology in South Africa
  • Studying in any of these business-related courses below:
    • Information Science
    • Engineering
    • Commerce
    • Human Resources
    • Business Science
    • Business
  • Employees of Nedbank are not allowed to participate in this bursary programme.

How to Apply BWA (Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa) Bursary 2020
Have everything checked? Now it’s time to start on your applications for the BWA Bursary Programme! First off, all interested candidates are required to visit their local branch to acquire their needed application forms. Candidates must acquire their application forms at the local branch that they will be applying from. For example, if you have finished your high school education in a specific region, then you will have to visit the local branch in that same region. However, you will still be able to pursue your further studies in any parts of South Africa. Since each local branch has their own respective application deadlines, we highly suggest that you reach out to your branches to find out more about the closing dates:

BWA Contact Address
Office Address:
Suite 406 4th Floor, 79 on, Roeland St, Cape Town, 8001

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 82 840 8918
Email: [email protected]

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