BBD Software Development Bursary Programmes 2020

BBD Software Development Profile
BBD Software Development is an establishment that takes pride with their software development. As one of the few companies that are able to take in custom development requests, BBD Software is highly adaptive to the dynamics of their projects and is able to come up with innovative application design solutions in order to fulfill their clientele’s needs and demands. With a total of 35 years under their belt, the company has garnered a series of experiences that transcends multiple disciplines, which includes education, insurance, telecommunications, and banking. With the assistance of 800 hardworking professionals with extreme knowledge in the IT department, it’s no secret that BBD is often sought out by institutions. At the moment, BBD Software Development conducts their operations in several cities all over the globe, including Joburg, Pretoria, Amsterdam, Porto, Cape Town, Pune, Burgas, and London.

About BBD Software Development Bursaries 2020
The BBD is offering a  bursary programme specifically towards Information and Technology (IT) students who are interested in the field of software development. This bursary will be a great, positive push for individuals who have always aspired to pursue employment in the area of software development. Successful recipients of the BBD Software Development Bursaries will be entitled to several remunerations that will help cover certain student-related expenses, such as:

  • Tuition expenses
  • Prescribed study materials
  • On-campus accommodation and meals
  • A monthly stipend

The BBD Software Development Bursaries is intended for students who are attaining their university education in BSc/ BEng/ BCom/ BIS for these listed majors:

  • Computer & Software Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Informatics
  • *Bachelors/ Honours/ Masters/Doctorate level.

In order to receive this bursary, not only does a candidate’s potential in the academic field be the ultimate factor, but their requirement for financial assistance will be highly considered as well.

BBD Software Development Bursary Requirements
All future bursars of the BBD Software Development Bursary are obliged to cross off the eligibility criteria that has been determined by the committee beforehand. In order to ensure success with your applications, it is highly advisable that all candidates fulfill each of these items below. Failure to have all of these items ticked off may affect the overall results of your applications.

The BBD Software Development Bursary Requirements includes:

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited South African tertiary institution
  • Has a keen interest in the field of software creation
  • Planning or currently studying for a degree in any of these study courses below:
    • Computer & Software Engineering
    • Informatics
    • Computer Science
    • Information Technology
  • Has a minimum aggregate score of 70% for their academic transcript
  • Display wonderful capabilities in both written and verbal communication
  • Knows how to discipline oneself and bears responsibility for all of their actions
  • Has an uplifting work ethic
  • Holds a great eye for details.

How to Apply BBD Software Development Bursary 2020
Now that you have all of your qualifications settled, be it’s time to begin with your applications! To do so, make sure you check the availability status of the programme at the BBD Software Programme Site. Once you are absolutely sure that the programme is available for applications at the moment, you may immediately register at the very same site as well. On top of applying online, candidates will also be required to hand in several important documents to support their applications, which includes:

  • Your most recent Curriculum Vitae
  • A valid copy of your Identity Document
  • Valid copies of your most recent academic transcripts/Matric certificate

Please be kindly informed that all applicants of the BBD Software Development Bursary will be subject to various criminal and credit checks conducted by a registered bureau. Additionally, all of your academic transcripts and employment history will be double checked by the committee as well.

BBD Software Development Contact Address
Office Address:
1 Newtown Avenue
2nd Floor, Killarney

Mail Address:

Email: [email protected]

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