PPS Bursary Programmes 2020

PPS Profile
PPS is a company that specializes in providing reliable financial services that is especially tailor made for graduate professionals. Additionally, PPS is also on top of the game with services including insurance, healthcare solutions, and investment plans. Having dated back to the year 1941, PPS is a South African company that is trusted by the likes of doctors, engineers, and lawyers – this is because PPS truly understands that obstacles faced by those demographic and is willing to lend their arms to help them overcome their personal challenges.

PPS Foundation was founded on the basis of allowing even more access for young students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field. The purpose behind the foundation’s establishment is to further develop the local communities in South Africa. This is done through several initiatives conducted by the foundation themselves, such as:

  • Promote the importance of receiving financial assistance and skills development for school leavers
  • Make sure that individuals are better prepared as they search for employment in the future
  • Ensure that transitions between secondary to tertiary institutions, as well as between tertiary institutions to real-time working environments are smooth.

About PPS Bursaries 2020
The PPS Foundation is awarding bursaries for South African students that will help cover their university expenses, such as tuition fees and study materials. Mainly allocated for students who are specializing in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, the PPS Bursaries is a great opportunity for bright individuals who wish to receive a generous sum of financial funding to pay for their student costs. This way, students will not have to bear the burden of having to pay high costs for the education as they continue to reach their ambitions.

Through the PPS Bursaries, candidates will only be given financial assistance by the establishment as a means of them to gain their necessary education. However, PPS does not hold the responsibility of providing any form of practical training or employment about the candidates’ graduation. However, any recipient of the PPS Bursaries will be entitled to become a PPS Student Member without any additional charges.

The following professions are accepted by PPS:

  • Accountants, Economist, Auditor
  • Advocates, Actuaries, Attorneys
  • Architects, Engineers (Electrical & Mechanical with four year degree),
  • Dentists, Doctors (belonging to the HPCSA), Nurses (with four year B.Cur degree), Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Radiologists, Radiographers, Surgeons, Dietician, Veterinarian, Occupational Therapist, Gynaecologist, Speech and Hearing Therapist, Biokineticist
  • Scientists, Biochemist, Biologist, Microbiologist, Researcher, Mathematician, Ecologist, Botanist, Statician, Meteorologist, Audiologist, Astronomist
  • Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Historian
  • Farmer (with four year degree in agriculture), Agriculturalist
  • Human Resources Practitioner
  • Linguist, Political Analyst, Social Worker, Industrial Psychology, Town and Regional Planner, Land Surveyor
  • And other professions.

PPS Bursary Requirements
There are a couple of things that candidates will have to fulfill in order to be eligible for the PPS Bursary. This is to ensure that the PPS Bursary is awarded in the right hands of well-deserving students who will definitely benefit a lot from this programme. Therefore, the committee will highly stick to these qualifications below as they seek out for their next grantees. Failure to meet all of these criteria below may just risk your chances of getting accepted by the programme.

The PPS Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Currently enrolled in an accredited University or University of Technology in South Afirca
  • Priority will be awarded to AIC students (African, Indian, and Coloured)
  • Officially recognized by the state as either a South African citizen or permanent resident
  • Is currently not entailed to any other external bursary programme
  • Able to maintain an academic track of a minimum 65% score during their university years
  • PPS reserves all rights to determine their eligibility criteria or to award bursaries
  • Bursaries will be granted on the basis of a candidate’s requirement for financial assistance to cover any of their student-related expenses
  • Announcements will be made by the judges’ and decisions are non-negotiable
  • All successful recipients of the PPS Bursary must be willing to become a PPS Student member (without any additional charges)
  • PPS has the rights to modify any of the eligibility criteria without informing applicants beforehand
  • PPS has the rights to take away a grantee’s bursary should they be unable to fulfill the requirements that comes with maintaining the bursary.

How to Apply PPS Bursary 2020
To apply for the PPS Bursary, all incoming candidates are required to check the availability status of the programme beforehand. To do so, you may directly access the PPS Careers Portal. After making sure that the programme is available at the time of search, you can proceed to download the Official PPS Bursary Application Form. Be sure to fill in your application form with complete, accurate information. Candidates discovered to be falsifying any information or not answering all of the questions will have their applications immediately revoked by the committee.

On top of completing your application forms, candidates will need to attached these following documents below as well:

  • A 300-word letter of motivation explaining your ambitions and why the committee should award you with this bursary (Microsoft Word format)
  • Valid copies of any examination results, most importantly your most recent academic transcipt
  • A valid statement describing your family’s household income (or a valid copy of an affidavit)
  • A legitimate statement from your university explaining that you do not have any outstanding fees from the past or current year
  • A valid copy of your Identity Document or Passport.

After prepping up your application dosser, there are a couple of things that needs to be taken note for the application procedure:

  • All applications from incoming candidates will be relayed to the Graduate Marketing Specialist
  • All accepted candidates will be asked to complete Application Form B and have it submitted directly to the Graduate Marketing Specialist
  • Announcements of acceptance will be made directly through e-mail
  • Anyone who has yet to hear back from the committee is regarded to have their applications unsuccessful.
  • A reference letter is not required for the application procedure.

If you have decided that your application dossier is all prepped up, you may send the entire thing to [email protected]. Alternatively, you may scan your application form and documents, and submit them via fax to (011) 644 9629.

PPS Contact Address
Office Address:
6 Anerley Road

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 644 4300
Fax: +27 11 644 4400
Email: [email protected]
Site: https://www.pps.co.za/

Source: PPS; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: pps.co.za.

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