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Clover Profile
Clover Industries Ltd is a leading company based in the country of South Africa that mainly specializes in launching consumer goods to the public. Besides that, Clover Industries has also garnered a fantastic reputation for becoming the nation’s main manufacturers of both dairy and food products. As of now, Clover Industries continues its operations in South Africa by focusing on these list of responsibilities below:

  • Producing beverages that are both dairy and free from alcohol
  • Distributing their beverages to the general public
  • Marketing their products within the fast-pace consumer industry
  • Transforming into a public establishment since the year 2003.

As of May 31st, 2010, Clover Industries re-shaped their company’s ways as a means to garner even more financial benefits, and to expand their shares. This is done with the sole intention to raise their capital by acquiring other shares. Through this method, Clover Industries has been able to grow and develop into the company that they are today.

About Clover – Pinnacle Bursaries 2020
Clover Industries is currently issuing the Pinnacle Bursaries targeted at well-deserving, potential individuals who wish to join the FMCG Industry one day. This bursary scheme will provided substantial funding for selected awardees as a means of supporting them financially throughout the course of the tertiary students. The Clover Pinnacle Bursary Programe is conducted for individuals who hold core beliefs and values, and are highly driven to do their best, whether it’s in academics or anything else. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the nation’s Most Reputable Company, then the opportunity has arrived!

The Clover Pinnacle Bursaries are only offered to these listed courses below. Be sure to check if you are currently pursuing your studies in any one of them:

  • BEng (Chemical Engineering)
  • BSc (Food Science)
  • BSc (Information and Knowledge Systems)
  • BCom (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • BEng (Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc (information Technology)
  • BEng (Computer Engineering)
  • BEng (Electronic Engineering)
  • BCom (Accounting)
  • BEng (Industrial Engineering)
  • BSc (Computer Science)
  • BSc (Chemistry)
  • BCom (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
  • BIT (Information Systems)
  • BSc (Biochemistry)
  • LLB
  • BEng (Mechatronics)

Grantees of the bursary scheme will be entitled to several benefits that will truly help these students as they accomplish their tertiary studies. These benefits includes funding that will help cover several expenses, including tuition costs, laptop purchases, stipends, allowances for meals and transportation, residence fees, as well as your obligatory vacation work. Find out more about the company behind this bursary scheme at the Official Clover Industries Website.

Bursary Conditions
Before you are able to register for the bursary, there are several things that must be considered before your begin with your applications. Take a look at the Clover Bursaries Conditions below just to get a heads up:

  • Grantees will be given a funding amounting up to approximately ZAR 60 000 – 75 000 on annual basis
  • Recipients must maintain an astounding academic track record as according to the standards that have been published by Clover
  • Clover Industries has high expectations of their bursary grantees. Therefore, it must be noted that all grantees will bear the responsibility of becoming fully-fledged ambassadors of the Clover Industry, in which they are to display distinguishable attitudes and talents throughout the entire duration of the bursary
  • Any form of bursary payments will be granted to the awardees twice every year – the first during the start of the first semester, whereas the second during the start of the following semester
  • Grantees will not hold any responsibility in any form of payments, whether it’s for the university fees or travels, or even allowances
  • Should there be a time where a bursar must repeat the same subject, they will be required to pay for the same course from their own money
  • Clover Industries provides the opportunities for their bursars to partake in vacation work as a means of exposing them to the company’s working environment
  • The Clover Industries Bursaries are not always catered to the same kind of course each year, so availability for each course may differ depending on public interest
  • The amount of the bursary schemes provided will depend on Clover Industries themselves
  • Bursars who have finished their educational qualification with flying colors will be granted with a following chance to partake in the Clover Young Professional Development Program. Those who choose to join this opportunity must be willing to be relocated to any of the Clover Sites that are scattered across Africa
  • Priority will be offered to students who not only excel in their academic pursuits, but are also able to maintain a balanced lifestyle with other forms of interests besides their studies
  • The bursary scheme is only offered towards full-time students in universities placed on the Clover List
  • Additionally, the bursary scheme is only available for students who are involved in any of the aforementioned courses above
  • Bursars who have successfully proceeded to the interview section of the programme must partake in the Clover Development Centre Assessment.

Clover – Pinnacle Bursary Requirements
After taking all of the considerations into account, applicants will also have to comply to the eligibility criteria that has been determined by the bursary committee. The Clover Pinnacle Bursary will only be taking in exemplary students who are able to display these following qualifications below. Each of these items will play a huge role in whether you will be entitled to the bursary scheme or not. Failure to have the entire eligibility criteria met will result in you getting disqualified from the application procedure. For more information, kindly check out the Official Clover Industries Website.

The Clover Industries Pinnacle Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • If you are a Grade 12 student: holds a valid Grade 12 certification with an average score of 65% for their overall results (both for the Grade 11 finals and Grade 12 Mid-Year examinations)
  • If you are a University student: has an average score of 65% for your finals that have been conducted in your previous year
  • If you are currently enrolled in an Engineering/Information Technology/ Food Science course: has at least a score of 65% for the key subjects of Science and Mathematics
  • Has proven fluency in both written and spoken English
  • Be available to be subject to a formal agreement
  • Be available to be relocated on a work-basis upon graduation from your studies
  • Be willing to put in your results slips, and other important documents such as your residential address and letter of university acceptance into your most recent Curriculum Vitae.

How to Apply Clover – Pinnacle Bursary 2020
Interested in applying for the Clover Pinnacle Bursary? Then wait no longer! First off, all candidates must visit the Clover Pinnacle Bursary Programme Website. From there on, candidates will have to search for the “Apply Here” Button. Once you have clicked on the button, candidates can immediately register themselves by inserting all of their correct and accurate personal information, followed by their existing e-mail address.

Please be kindly informed that with this bursary programme, there will be a possibility that the committee will ask for important documents from you. These documents are necessary in order to complete your applications. The documents that must be attached in your application dossier are:

  • A valid copy of your Identity Document
  • A valid copy of your parents/guardians’ Identity Document
  • Valid copies of your academic result slips from Grade 11 & Mid-year Grade 12
  • Or, valid copies of your academic result slips from the final examination of your previous year in university
  • A valid letter of admission and acceptance into university
  • Legitimate proof of your address (Municipal Account).

Make sure that all of your applications are completed. Should you happen to submit in any application forms or dossiers that are incomplete or are missing of any certain document, you application will be immediately disregarded by the committee and you have been disqualified from the application procedure. Finally, please be informed that announcements will only be made to students who have been accepted by the bursary scheme. If you have not heard back any news from the committee within a total period of 30 days past the closing date, we regret to inform you that your application has not been successful.

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:
200 Constantia Drive
Constantia Kloof

Mail Address:
PO Box 6161
Weltevreden Park

Tel: +27 86 011 7533

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