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About Golder
Golder is an establishment that know what it means to envision the world in future years to come. As each generation passes, the world must be able to deal with several physical changes that might impact the globe. These include ever-changing infrastructure and landscapes that will develop from time to time to meet society’s upcoming demands.

That’s why Golder is here – as the company of tomorrow, Golder specializes in the business of project development, landscape restoration, and construction services. All this is done in the good name of preserving sustainability of the country’s social welfare. Through the power and spirit of innovation, Golder is constantly coming up with ideas on how to sustain the globe through physical means.

As of now, Golder has been a favorite company within several clients originating from different fields, such as Mining, Power, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Infrastructure. It has been more than half a century, and with a work force of more than 6,500 employees based in 165 offices situation all over the globe, Golder is a company that’s not stopping any time soon.

About Golder Bursary Programme
Believing in the act of forming future generations that will uplift the globe in years to come, Golder is currently offering plentiful of bursaries to well-deserved university students. The purpose behind this funding is to provide financial assistance to scholars so that they do not feel burdened by any economic factors. Just as the company listens to the needs of their clients, Golder also listens to the local youths as well.

Before you apply for the Gold Bursary programme, you must be specializing in either of these of these following university fields. The Golder Bursary programme caters the the following disciplines:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Technology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science (in any related discipline).

For more information, visit the Golder website any time, any where.

Golder Bursary Requirements
All candidates who are planning to register for the Golder Bursary programme must adhere to the following eligibility criteria. The purpose of this is to make sure that the company has an easier time filtering the type of candidates who truly deserve this bursary. Visit the official website if you would like more details on what the Golder company dedicates itself to.

Below are the Golder Bursary requirements:

  • Must hold a valid South African nationality
  • Have finished their freshman year in any of the aforementioned study fields
  • Maintains a score average of 65%
  • Has proof of admission in a reputable South African tertiary institution or university
  • Is not attached to another bursary programme.

How to Apply:
After you have double checked your eligibility, you are now ready to apply for the Golder Bursary programme. In order to apply for this bursary, there are two methods of programme application that you may choose from, whatever works for you accordingly. These are the ways of the Golder Bursary Application Submissions:

  1. Via E-Mail: all candidates must ask for an application form by sending in a request to the company’s email: [email protected]. Once you have received the application form from the company, fill it out with all the correct details and attach these necessary documents as well:
    • A valid copy of your identification (will not expire within 3 months)
    • A valid letter of your university admissions
    • A well-written letter of motivation
    • An academic transcript with all of your results.
  2. Direct Online Application: you can also apply on the online application platform. Simply create an account, follow the instructions on the website, and send in your applications through the portal. Please be noted that if you cannot find the bursary programme listed on the website, it means that the programme has been closed due to a high deman.

Golder Contact Address
Office Address:
Golder House, Maxwell Office Park, Magwa Cres, Building 1, West, Midrand, 1685, South Africa

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 254 4800
Fax: aaaaa
Email: aaaaa
Site: aaaaa

Address: Golder House, Maxwell Office Park, Magwa Cres, Building 1, West, Midrand, 1685, South Africa
Tel: (011) 254 4800

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