Apply GE (General Electric) Bursary Programme to Get Free Tuition

About General Electric
General Electric is a world-wide company that is involved in an digital industry that provides the technological needs of a variety of clients. With their first South African operations beginning in 1898, the company has now grown into an epicenter of both national and international digital solutions.

Over the course of 120 years, the company has had some historical milestones. General Electric has been notable for providing state of the art healthcare equipment towards the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. In addition, the Medupi and Kusile Power stations were projects initiated by General Electric as well.

The company has dedicated themselves to fully developing the nation through their projects, which surprisingly focuses on uplifting the small medium enterprise community. From there, the company assesses and brings out the local suppliers’ potential into taking part in a massive development programme. Incorporating the local people has always been the secret to General Electric’s success.

About GE Bursary Programme
Acknowledging the potential of local university students, General Electric has created an initiative called the GE Bursary Programme. The purpose behind this programme is to provide financial assistance towards current or future university students who are currently having a hard time paying for their educational expenses. GE hopes that with this programme, students are able to chase their degrees without any further monetary hardships.

The GE Bursary programme provides partial funding for candidates who are focusing on the fields of Health Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, or Engineering. All grantees will be entitled to several financial benefits, such as coverage for tuition fees, coverage for reading materials, all-expenses paid accommodation, and a stipend.

GE Bursary Requirements
Before you are allowed to apply for the GE Bursary programme, candidates will have to fulfill all of the established requirements that are set out by the company. Each of these requirements display great importance to the application procedure. Missing any of these requirements could possibly lead you to automatic disqualification from the application.

To see what kind of people General Electric are looking for, you can visit their website any time, any where. The GE bursary requirements are as listed below:

Minimum Qualifications

  1. South African citizens with valid identification
  2. Has an academic average of at least 60%
  3. Currently does not receive any financial assistance
  4. Currently pursuing or planning to pursues a degree in Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Commerce or Social Sciences.

How to Apply
If you wish to apply for the GE Bursary programme, then take note of these instructions clearly. First off, download the official GE Bursary application form. Before you fill out anything, make sure you have read what the application form entails. Candidates are strictly required to provide correct and accurate information on their forms – any incorrect information may cause their applications to be revoked by the committee.

After you are done filling out your application forms, you can finally send them in via email to this address: [email protected]. Applications must be sent before the closing date, although it is highly encouraged you send them in days before the closing date to avoid heavy application submission traffic.

In the mean time, if you would like to browse whats kind of career opportunities that General Electric offers, you can do so yourself! All you have to do is visit the GE Career Portal. Once you are on the home page, change the country to “South Africa” and press “Search”. From there on, you will be redirected to a page with lists of available GE opportunities that you may consider in the future.

GE Contact Address
Office Address:
130 Gazelle Avenue, Corporate Park South

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 653 8800
Fax: aaaaa
Email: aaaaa
Site: aaaaa

Contact GE
To send inquiries, including feedback, requests for information, and questions regarding the bursary, Please contact GE country office:
GE South Africa
130 Gazelle Avenue, Corporate Park South
Tel: (011) 653 8800

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General Electric Bursary

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