Netcare Bursary Programmes 2020

Netcare Profile
Netcare is a private enterprise that focuses on the healthcare industry not just in South Africa, but in the United Kingdom as well. Based in the city of Johannessburg, Netcare has several divisions that make up the entire establishment, which includes Netcare Hospitals, Medicross, and Netcare 911. In addition, there is also the BMI Healthcare division that is based in their offices in the United Kingdom. With more or less 28,000 employees under their wing and assigned to several different divisions, everyone in the company shares the same set of vision and missions when it comes to doing their job: the values or care, truth, passion, dignity, and participation. With all these beliefs combined together into one, Netcare is not just acting as a for-profit business, but also as a service that truly cares for the general public.

About Netcare Bursaries 2020
The Netcare Bursary programme is an initiative that was founded by the Netcare Group’s Academic Advisory. The division itself aims at providing bursary schemes to well deserving individuals who show potential in not just becoming exemplary students, but also as future employees of the Netcare Group as well. Hopefully, through the Academic Advisory of the company, Netcare Group is able to promote a sense of importance when it comes to attaining tertiary education, and it will also inspire all its staff members that the pursuit of knowledge is not just something that you chase after during your school years, rather it’s a lifelong experience. Visit the official Netcare website to catch more than a few glimpses of the company.

Netcare Bursary Requirements
The Netcare Bursary programme is only provided to mainly students who are pursuing in either Pharmacy or Commerce for their university studies. In general, most bursary programmes come with an extensive list of qualifications that must be met by all incoming candidates in order to be considered eligible enough for the bursary programme. These criteria mainly includes having to hold a valid South African citizenship, or providing your latest academic transcripts. All in all, for a more detailed list, be sure to regularly check back the bursary programme through the Netcare Career Page. Or, if you would like a bigger picture of what this company is looking for in its people, you access its official website as well.

How to Apply Netcare Bursary 2020
Interested in the Netcare Bursary progarmme? Then it’s time to sign up for the programme! To do so, all future applicants must visit the Netcare Career Page beforehand to see whether the bursary programme is available for their time of application. If your preferred bursary programme is available at the time of search, all you have to do is compile all of the forms and documents that you have been told to submit by the website, and send them in to this following e-mail address: [email protected]. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the required documents that need to be sent in!

Physical Address:
76 Maude Street
Corner West Street

Postal Address:
Private Bag X34

Telephone: +27 11 301 0000
Fax: +27 11 301 0439

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