Barloworld Bursary Programmes 2020

Barloworld Profile
Barloworld Limited is a South African born and raised country that has had only more or less 25 years of experience. Yet, the company has succeeded in becoming one of the world’s most sought after distributor of popular brands , especially within the Automotive Sector. They may not be the company that produces or manufactures cars, but when it comes to distributing them to various parts of the globe, Barloworld has got it all figured out. With their many distribution services, courtesy of their advanced logistics management, Barloworld has been catering to their long list of well-known and highly-respected automotive brands, such as Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

About Barloworld Bursaries 2020
The Barloworld Education Trust, an branch establishment formed by the Barloworld company themselves, is currently offering bursary programmes that are aimed to provide well-deserving students comings from underprivileged backgrounds with the necessary financial help to ease the monetary burdens of attaining a tertiary-level education. As of now, the Barloworld Bursary programme is allocating most of its funds into helping out students who are pursuing studies that are relevant to the Barloworld line of work, which includes IT, Engineering, and Sales/Marketing. Specifically, the programme will accommodate students who are pursuing their degrees in these following courses:

  • IT/ Computer Sciences (BSc)
  • Industrial Engineering (BEng/BSc)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BEng/BSc)
  • Mining Engineering (BEng/BSc)
  • Marketing
  • Sales.

Just like how most bursary schemes are conducted, awardees will be granted with several remunerations that will cover most of their study-related expenses, which includes university registration fees, tuition money, school materials, and even to the extent of accommodation (depending on the situation.) Find out more about the company behind this generous act by visiting the official Barloworld website.

Barloworld Bursary Requirements
Signing up for the Barloworld Bursary programme will entail a long list of eligibility criteria that all candidates must fulfill in order to be allowed to register for the programme. Each of these criteria are important, so make sure that you jot these down in your notes and have then met before you can even start the application process. Take a look at the company website to see if Barloworld is the right fit for your and your future needs.

The Barloworld Bursary Requirements are:

  • Holding an official South African Nationality
  • A student of color, or from these mentioned races: African, Indian, Chinese
  • Comes from a background that requires financial assistance
  • Has completed their Matric examinations
  • Is pursuing a full-time study in an acclaimed South African university
  • Has above average scores for their mid-year examinations.

How to Apply Barloworld Bursary 2020
Candidates who meet all of the aforementioned qualifications can now proceed to the application procedure. You may start off by checking whether the Barloworld Bursary programme is available at the time of application. To do so, you will have to visit the official Barloworld Careers Site. After finding out that your programme of choice is available, it’s time to move on to the next phase of the application process.

Instead of a normal online application, candidates send in legitimate copies of their important documents. Your entire application dossier will play a crucial part in whether you’ll be accepted by the bursary programme or not. Make sure that you have gathered up valid copies of these documents below:

  • Identification documents
  • Complete academic transcripts with the official institution letterhead stamps
  • A letter of motivation stating why should you be chosen for the programme
  • Your latest and most recently-updated Curriculum Vitae.

When your application dossier is good to go, send them by postal carriage to this following address: The Barloworld , Education Trust, PO Box 782248, Sandton, 2146

Physical Address:
13 Impala Avenue
South Africa.

Postal Address:

Telephone: +27 11 445 1600

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