Columbus Stainless Bursary Programmes 2020

Columbus Stainless Profile
Columbus Stainless is a company that is founded on the basis of producing and manufacturing only the best kinds of stainless steel flat products. Founded in South African in 1966, the company has become Africa’s major key players in the industry. This is extremely apparent, as you may see Columbus Stainless products place literally everywhere within the household. From a kitchen sink to a quality wristwatch, the company strives through innovation, which is why they have been so successful in creating a diverse range of products that appeals to both the domestic market, as well as the international market.

The success of Columbus Stainless is due to their high quality facilities which have shaped the way they created many of their modern, efficient, stainless steel products. In addition, Columbus is a client-based company – whatever their customers need in their daily lives, the company tries to come up with new innovations to meet those growing demands. That is why the company is also known for products in  Austenitic, Ferritic, Utility and Duplex grades, which are all produced in their Middelburg facotires. With a combination of solid technical support, and excellent customer service, Columbus Stainless clearly knows what it’s doing.

About Columbus Stainless Bursaries 2020
Columbus Stainless are currently offering bursary programmes for Engineering students who are specializing in any of these fields: Metallurgical, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic- Industrial and Computer Engineering. However, before they can sign up for the bursary programme, all candidates will be required to follow the Columbus Stainless Pre-bursary Programme. This will entail 12-month internship that will not only provide you the necessary skills to work under a real working environment, but it is also a chance for you to prove to the committee why you deserve this bursary to further pursue your studies.

Not only does the bursary programme provide an abundance of financial assistance for all of its selected candidates – it also provides annual vacation training as well as a specialized in-house training programme once you are finished with your studies. The bursaries are offered to students who are pursuing in any of these mentioned degree programmes:

  • BEng Mechanical (3rd Year)
  • BEng Electrical (4th Year)
  • BEng Metallurgy/Materials Science (3rd Year)
  • BSc Computer Science (3rd Year)
  • BSc Chemistry (2nd Year).

If you would like to see more of the company, you can always take a look at the official Columbus Stainless website.

Columbus Stainless Bursary Requirements
Before you can kick start your application procedure, all candidates must adhere to these following qualifications in order to be considered eligible enough for the Columbus Stainless Bursary programme. Failure to have these qualifications met may results in disqualification from the entire application procedure. For more information, visit the official website.

The Columbus Stainless Bursary Requirements include:

  • Holding an official South African citizenship
  • Originating from the Middelburg Area
  • Have completed their Matric examinations in 2017 with the key subjects of Mathematics and Science. Candidates must earn an average score of 60% as well
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae
  • A full academic transcript with all of their results
  • Is an Engineering student specializing in any of these fields:
    • Metallurgical
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Electronic
    • Industrial and Computer Engineering.

How to Apply Columbus Stainless Bursary 2020
To apply for the Columbus Stainless Bursary programme, all candidates must visit the official Columbus Career Page to make sure whether their bursary programme of choice is available for not. If it is currently available at the time of your search, you can immediately apply for it by submitting your detailed and updated Curriculum Vitae, alongside with their Matric results to this provided e-mail: [email protected].

Only successful candidates of the programme will be notified of their acceptance. If you have not heard back from the committee within 2 weeks past the closing date, we regret to inform you that your application has considered to be unsuccessful and you have not been chosen for the bursary programme.

In addition, all candidates should be aware that the Columbus Stainless Bursary programme is only advertised through local newspapers and in established universities. All of the information provided about the bursary programme is accurate. Should there be any errors in the advertisements, it will me immediately rectified by the company.

Physical Address:
Hendrina Rd, Middelburg, 1050

Postal Address:
PO Box 133, Middelburg, 1050

Telephone:(013) 247 9111
Fax: (013) 246 1681
Email: [email protected]

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