Denel Bursary Programmes 2020

Denel Profile
Denel is an establishment that specializes in the field of defense and aerospace technology. Having started their operations since the year 1991, Denel is a national asset based in the country of South Africa. What the establishment mainly does is come up with creative technologies that improves the quality of defense and security in the nation, especially within the aerospace field. In order to do so, Denel is heavily involved in the entirety of the process, whether its from the designing phase, to aircraft maintenance, and other sorts of up-to-date technologies.

In order to achieve their goals, Denel relies on partnerships with third-party establishments, which includes joint ventures and partnerships with other defense corporations in the local industry. With their range of international clients, Denel must be able to accommodate all of the unique demands that are asked of and seek out new ways to meet these demans. As of now, Denel consists of many types of divisions:

  • Denel Aerostructures
  • Denel SOC Ltd
  • Denel Dynamics
  • Denel Industrial Properties
  • Denel Maritime
  • Denel Land Systems
  • Denel Technical Academy
  • Denel Mechem
  • Denel Aeronautics
  • Denel Vehicle Systems
  • Denel Overberg Test Range
  • Denel Aviation
  • Denel PMP.

About Denel Bursaries 2020
Denel is currently offering bursary programmes for individuals who wish to attain financial assistance as well as working skills in the defense industry. With their operations based in the region of Lyttelton — Pretoria, Denel is having these bursaries especially provided to well-deserving students who possess astounding academic talent but in need of financial help to continue their studies. The Denel Bursaries is catered to students who are attaining their education for Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science. Moreover, they will have to partake in any of these listed courses below:

  • Industrial
  • Computer Science
  • Aeronautical
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Mechatronics
  • Electronic.

To find out more about the bursary scheme, you can take a look at the Official Denal Website.

Denel Bursary Requirements
The Denel Bursary comes with an eligibility criteria that has been standardized by the programme committee. In order to be able to sign up for the Denel Bursary, all incoming candidates will have to adhere to this list of items. Each of these requirements will play a crucial role in the overall result of your applications. Failure to oblige to all of these qualifications below will get you disqualified from the application procedure. For more information, check out the Official Denal Website.

The Denal Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Be a candidate originating from South Africa with a legitimate Identity Document Number
  • Must be pursuing a full-time academic degree in a recognized South African institution
  • Currently not in an agreement with any other bursary programme
  • Planning to study or currently studying towards a BEng Degree
  • Maintains at least an average score of 60% for their subjects

Grantees will be awarded with financial funding that will cover expenses such as registration fees, tuition costs, examination expenses, prescribed study materials, computer allowance, accommodation, and a monthly stipend.

How to Apply Denel Bursary 2020
Once you have all of the requirements sorted out, it’s time to begin your applications! Firstly, all candidates must visit the Denel Careers Portal or Denel PNet Site to check the availability status of the bursary programme. Should the bursary scheme not be available at the time of the search, do not get upset just yet. You can always come back to any either of those two same websites any time in the future to check for regular opening updates. If the bursary is currently accepting applications at the moment, be sure to follow the rest of the application instructions as per stated below:

  • Reach out to Mbali Mazibuko at this hotline (+27 12 620 3022) or through e-mail at [email protected] in order to attain your official application form
  • After submitting your form, wait for the announcements. All shortlisted applicants will be asked to participate in several psychometric assessments based in Durban, Cape Town, and Gauteng
  • Once you have passed the psychometric assessment, you will be invited to an obligatory interview with the committee in Centurion, Gauteng
  • If you have passed all of the previous stages, you will be given an offer to partake in the bursary scheme.

Denel Contact Address
Office Address:
Nellmapius Drive, Irene, Pretoria

Mail Address:
Box 8322, Centurion, 0046, RSA

Tel: +27 12 671 2700
Email: [email protected]

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