ABB – Electrical Engineering Bursary Programmes 2020

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ABB is an up and coming firm that has explored various fields of technology and what it can truly offer from society. Having be involved in a series of technologies, starting from electrification products, robotics, to even the facilities used to provide satisfaction to customers, ABB takes on any kind of project that requires their line of work. As of now, ABB is taking digitization very seriously, especially within the industrial sectors that requires so much change as the years goes by. With a total working force of at least 147,000 employees under their wing, and with expansions that are located in a massive total of 100 nations, ABB is getting their vision and missions on point.

After having been through so many challenges and obstacles within Africa’s technology sector in the past 110 years, ABB is able to adapt to the many yearly changes that are bound to take place – adding to their extensive portfolio and giving the firm a better sense of understanding. ABB prides itself on being able to come up with various solutions to any of your needs, as per accordingly to their technological products.

However, ABB doesn’t just stop there. ABB also heavily contributes to technological services oftentimes used in factories. These technologies help industries with the production and manufacturing of their products. At the moment, ABB has helped developing the ways factories produce metals and minerals, chemicals, process pulp and paper, and the list just continues. Think of ABB as an agency that helps you get your procedures right. Anything ranging from review researches, installation, to even customer training, ABB has got all of it done for you.

Currently, ABB is heading towards a new kind of innovation – solar generation. The solar industry has always been an interesting field, yet it is still rarely developed not just in Africa, but in the world as well. ABB is always seeking for new methods on how to generate the energy provided by the sun into power that can be used by various different institutions. The point of this project is to ensure clean, sustainable energy that will benefit not just the company, but the society around them in the long run.

About ABB – Electrical Engineering Bursaries 2020
ABB is currently offering Electrical Engineering Bursaries for South African students who are pursuing a Degree in Electrical Engineering in a local university. Based in the region of Modderfontein, located in Gauteng, ABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd is extending its arms to well-deserving students to join this grand opportunity. Selected awardees of the bursary scheme will be entitled to several financial benefits that will help you in the long run of the studies. Awardees will be granted funds to cover their registration fess, university expenses, study materials, and accommodation costs. Check out the Official ABB Website to read more about this wonderful opportunity.

ABB – Electrical Engineering Bursary Requirements
The ABB Electrical Engineering Bursary comes with a list of criteria that must be passed in order to be considered eligible for the scheme. There are several items that have to be taken into note before you allow yourself to sign up Each of these things below present a great amount of importance into determining whether you will be accepted by the programme or not. Failure to meet these qualifications below may result in disqualification from the application procedures. Find out more about the company through the Official ABB Website.

The ABB Electrical Engineering Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Between 16-25 years old
  • Officially recognized as a national of South Africa
  • Holds a Matric certification with a letter of acceptance into a University degree course
  • Has proof that the candidate is planning to join a undergraduate degree in a South African univeresity
  • Originates from underprivileged groups.

How to Apply ABB – Electrical Engineering Bursary 2020
The ABB Electrical Engineering Bursary applications can be done simply online from the comfort of your homes. However, you will be asked to check the availability status of the bursary programme through the ABB Job Site. After finding out that the bursary scheme is up for your to register, you may now visit the ABB Application Website to get started on your application procedure. Once you are there, you will be asked to provide a list of documents to support your applications, as per listed below:

  • A valid cop of your Identity Document (e.g. applicant’s, parents’, or guardians’)
  • Valid proof of your home address
  • Your most recent result slip or Grade 12 academic results
  • If available: valid copy of your acceptance letter into a university
  • If you have one or both parents deceased: a valid copy of their death certificate/affidavit

Announcements will only be made to corresponding participants who have been selected for the programme. If you have not heard back from the committee within a time period of 2 weeks – we regret to inform you that your application has not been acknowledged by the bursary programme and you have been not been accepted by the committee.

If you’re encountering any types of problems during your application procedure, don’t hesitate to ask. You can always redirect your questions or concerns to any either of the contact information provided below. Lastly, make sure that your application forms are completed with only accurate information. On top of that, your documents have to be legitimate as well. Any traces of false information will be taken strictly and be given serious consequences.

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:
Corporate Head Office
ABB Campus, 2 Lake Rd, Longmeadow Business Estate (North)
Modderfontein, 1609, Gauteng, South Africa

Mail Address:
Pvt Bg X10004, Edenvale, 1610

Tel: +27 10 202 6995
Fax: +27 11 579 8600
Email: [email protected]

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