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PSG Profile
PSG is no stranger to the world of financial services. Having their humble beginnings in the country of Namibia, PSG has racked up years of experience as they provide professional financial services that meet the needs of their diverse clientele. As of now, PSG is offering services in several divisions, namely PSG Asset Management, PSG Wealth, PSG InsureWith their customers originating from all paths of life, it is obvious that everyone has their own demands and needs. Noticing this trend, PSG ensures to provide tailor-made solutions that allows their customers to have a better understanding of the financial sector.

Whether is wealth management, or even the complex world of insurance, PSG has all of it handled with their deep knowledge of the sector. More so, PSG maintains strong relationships with their clients. While this may sound impossible for a company that has more than 250 offices based in the country of South Africa, their leading status is proof that creating healthy relationships with your customers, no matter how big your company, is indeed possible. At the end of the day, it is the financial and socio-economic well being of their customers that truly matters.

About PSG Bursaries 2020
As part of an effort to contribute to the nation’s economic sector, PSG is offering South African students with the opportunity to receive a bursary scheme. As one of the most prominent financial services company in South Africa, it is important to maintain the potential that their nation holds. In order to fully develop the talents of local individuals, the company is providing PSG Bursaries as a huge push for students to do well in their studies, and hopefully, pave a successful career path in the future (specifically within the financial services industry).

The PSG Bursary Programme is indeed a wonderful opportunity. Besides becoming an initiative that truly develops the nation’s financial services indsutry, the bursary scheme will also benefit their recipients a lot. Awardees of the PSG Bursaries will be entitled to financial funding that will assist you in the rest of your studies, whether you’re in the final year of your undergraduate studies, or if you have just started on your post-graduate programme. The financial assistance that you receive will help cover student expenses, which includes but not limited to tuition expenses, costs of study materials.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Besides the generous financial assistance, selected recipients of the bursary programme will be granted with the chance to partake in the company’s Graduate programme in year after. Additionally, awardees are also entitled to coaching, accredited mentorship, and training sessions within the real-time working environment. Sounds exciting? If you still have doubts about the programme, you can always read more on the Official PSG Website to clear up any questions.

PSG Bursary Requirements
To register for the PSG Bursary, all interested applicants must first fulfill all of the requirements that are asked of the bursary committee. Each of these items below must be double-checked before you are able to begin with your application procedure. The criteria will play an important role in determining whether you will be qualified enough for the programme or not. Failure to meet all of these requirements below may just lessen your chances of having your applications deemed successful. Therefore, all candidates are highly advised to take not of all these requirements below. Should you feel the need to see if this company is the right option for you, you can always take a look at the Official PSG Website.

The PSG Bursaries Requirements are as follows:
Basic Qualifications

  • Recognized as an official South African citizen
  • Must be pursuing a degree in any of these courses below:
    • Engineering (Electrical & Electronics, Computer, Mechanical, Industrial, Process, Chemical, Systems, Engineering Management)
    • Commerce (Investments, Finance, Economics and Econometrics)
    • Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Actuarial Science
  • Must attain an academic score of at least 65% or more

Behavioral Competencies

  • Ambition driven, especially within the Financial Services Industry
  • Problem solver with concrete solutions
  • Able to work as a team player
  • Able to maintain oneself in times of pressure
  • Has a great sense of resilience
  • Great keen eye for the small details.

How to Apply PSG Bursary 2020
Should you meet all of the requirements above, then it’s finally your chance to apply for this bursary scheme. To start off, candidates must visit the PSG Website to register for the bursary scheme. During the application procedure, all incoming candidates are required to send in all of the supporting documents, which includes your most recent Curriculum Vitae, your academic result slips, a valid copy of your Identity Document. Regarding the documents that are asked of the bursary scheme, make sure that you have all of them prepared way before the application closing date. This will give you a chance to better review your materials and double check to see if there is anything missing.

Once you have all of these prepared, you may then immediately submit in your applications. As part of an effort to raise the level of inclusivity in the work place, the PSG Bursary complies to their Employment Equity Plan. PSG believes that my involving everyone coming from diverse origins, it will help to create a working force that is comfortable for everyone. Therefore, the PSG Bursaries will be giving priority for individuals who come from certain underprivileged groups, especially people who are undergoing through any form of disabilities.

PSG Contact Address
Office Address:
4th Floor, The Edge, Tyger Waterfront, 3 Howick Cl, Tygervalley, 7530, South Africa

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 21 918 7800

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