KPMG Bursary Programmes 2020

KPMG Profile
Back in 1895, two companies, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co, as well as Aiken & Carter, had the idea to merge under one firm and establish what is now called KPMG. The company, responsible for providing services within the audit, tax, and advisory departments, is an international powerhouse that has several independent firms working under its name. With a diverse set of clientele, spanning from governments, to non-profit organisations, from your typical business corporations and pubic agencies, KPMG is able to accommodate to them all, especially since they have firms in at least 155 countries and a total working staff of 162,200 employees.

About KPMG Bursaries 2020
The KPMG Bursary programme is a bursary scheme that is intended towards SAICA University students. Under there programme itself, there are two types of bursary schemes: the Pure Merit Bursary Scheme, and the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs. Both have a similarity: applicants are to achieve outstanding academic results to be eligible for any either of these bursaries.

With several financial benefits attained to it, the Purit Merit Bursary Scheme is allocate towards students who achieve successful results but are still able to attain education on their own expenses, whereas the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs programme is only offered towards students who definitely need the the financial support to make it through their university education.

Once applicants have been successfully selected to be recipients of the KPMG Bursaries, they are to take part in a learnership that is held by KPMG upon graduation from their respective SAICA institutions. This is to make sure that everyone is given the chance to develop their skills for a working force like KPMG’s. Interested in this programme but still need more details behind the company? Visit the official KPMG website right now!

KPMG Bursary Requirements
The KPMG Bursary is only available towards students who have attained a particular academic track record. Since this prestigious bursary scheme comes with a lot of rare opportunities, it is no wonder why the KPMG Bursary programme is allocated to a certain demographic that deserves this bursary scheme a lot more than others. If you need to see more about the company, you can find out more through their website during your spare time.

The KPMG Bursary Requirements includes:

  • Currently pursuing a full-time SAICA-accredited degree in a SAICA unviersity
  • Able to maintain a stable impressive academic track record
  • Able to attain any of these educational qualifications:
    • At least 4 A’s excl LO average for Matric applicants
    • At least 65% average and 70% in Financial Accounting for 1st Year applicants
    • At least 65% average and 65% in Financial Accounting for 2nd Year applicants
    • At least 60% average and 60% in Financial Accounting for 3rd Year applicants
    • At least 50% average and 55% in Financial Accounting for CTA applicants.

How to Apply KPMG Bursary 2020
Applications for the KPMG Bursary programme is a tedious process, so please make sure that you follow these instructions below. To start off your applications, future candidates must download the official application form here. Fill out the form with complete, accurate personal details about yourselves. Once that  part is done, it’s time to gather up several crucial documents that are needed to be attached to your application form. These documents include:

  • An official copy of your academic transcripts (from Matric examinations results until your current results)
  • A valid copy of your household’s most latest paychecks (that must not exceed a period of 3 months)
  • A valid fee statement from your respective institutions (that must not exceed 2 weeks)
  • Bank statements as well as the utility bill of 3 months (if any of your parents are not employed at the moment)
  • A legitimate statement about your residence costs (if it is a must.)

After everything has been gather up, send in your application dossiers to this following e-mail address: [email protected]. Additionally, you can also use the same e-mail address to ask questions if you are confused with the programme’s application procedure. Due to the unexpected popularity this programme has garnered, please be notified that there will be a slight delay in announcements of accepted applicants. Therefore, the committee asks for the candidates’ valuable time and patience as they are being properly assessed during the administrative phase.

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:
KPMG Wanooka Place St Andrews Rd Parktown

Mail Address:
Private Bag 9 Parkview

Tel: +27 11 647 7111
Fax: +27 11 647 8000
Email: [email protected]

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