Santam Bursary Programmes 2020

Santam Profile
Santam, a well-known insurance company, is not merely just a company looking for profit. Instilling a sense of both humanity and integrity, Santam truly understands what matters to the general public. As Santam dedicates itself to transforming the lives of their customers for the better, the same beliefs are applied to their working staff as well. Working for the Santam company is a beneficial experience. Not only does it leave many room for their employees to grow through their mentorship and skills development programme, Santam allows their employees to enjoy a balanced work life where they are still able to keep up with their relaxed lifestyles outside of work. In addition, as Santam is aiming to become a diverse company that is more inclusive in their environment, Santam has taken the initiative to allocate 50% of their total budget to provide PDIs (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals) with a skills development programme, courtesy of the Financial Sector Charter.

About Santam Bursaries 2020
To celebrate Santam’s 100th birthday, the company has established the Skills Development Academy as one of its many efforts to give back to young, well-deserving individuals. Additionally, in collaboration with StudyTrust, Santam has also launched a fully-paid bursary programme. The Santam Bursary programme is an opportunity for students to receive the much-needed financial support to pursue their respective educations. Once more, upon graduation, these selected awardees will also be eligible to participate in the prestigious Santam Graduate Programme. The bonus part? These awardees are also guaranteed with the opportunity of employment in the Santam group, depending on the amount of years they have been sponsored by the bursary programme.

The Santam Bursary programme is open towards university students who are in any year of their education (except first-year students). The programme is also open towards students who are attaining a Honours degree. As long as they are interested in shaping a career path that revolves around short-term insurance,  everyone is invited. However, there is a list of study areas (Postgraduate Diploma/Bachelor Degree/Honours Degree) that he bursary programme is catered towards, such as:

  • Insurance/Risk Management/Law
  • Mathematics/Statistics
  • Finance/Accounting/Economics
  • Chemical/Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Agriculture

As for the financial benefits, the Santam Bursary programme will cover costs which includes tuition expenses, accommodation and meals, study materials, and a laptop (depending on the study area you are in). Take a deeper look into the company by visiting the official Santam website.

Santam Bursary Requirements
To sign up for the Santam Bursary programme, future applicants will need to adhere to these following requirements. Each of these qualifications holds great importance in determining the overall end result of your application process. Failure to meet these requirements may ultimately result in you getting kicked off from the Santam Bursary programme applications. Take a quick look at the website to see if this company is the right one for you.

The Santam Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Be recognized as valid citizens of South Africa
  • Has a minimum average score of 65% for all of their subjects in their educational studies
  • Is bursting with academic potential and the drive to have a employment in the Santam company.

How to Apply Santam Bursary 2020

Ready to register for the Santam Bursary programme? Then take a look at the application procedure! To sign up for this wonderful bursary scheme, you must make sure that the programme is available at the current time of application. To be able to do this, candidates must double check its availability through the Santam Careers Website. Search for the programme by typing in the keyword “bursary” into its Search Bar. If you have made sure that the bursary scheme is absolutely available, you may apply for the bursary scheme by following the application instructions stated clearly on the website.

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