Murray & Roberts Bursary Programmes 2020

Murray & Roberts’ Engineering Bursary Programme On 2020 For Current Second-Year BSc, BEng, or BTech Students
As a multinational Group company, Murray & Roberts place importance in maintaining its business presences across Africa, Australasia, Europe, and North America continents. This Johannesburg-based company is primarily working on project lifecycle products, which consists of oil and gas, metals and minerals, and power and water.

Thus, Murray & Roberts’ programmes are centred around its specialisations as mentioned above, including its bursary programme. Murray & Roberts’ bursary programme as described in this article is especially benefitting students who aspire to be funded by a world-class brand-based company with offices spread worldwide.

Murray & Roberts’ Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Murray & Roberts’ bursary programme is aimed towards the establishment of highly-talented South African people’s potentials, especially in terms of Engineering matters. Therefore, Murray & Roberts’ bursary funds are for those who study in the Engineering fields and capable to maintain a high academic standard as demanded by Murray & Roberts’ bursary’s selection panel.

The bursary recipients from Murray & Roberts will get their yearly tuition, registration, examination, and book-related fees paid in full amount, as well as monthly allowances that will enable them to pay for their transportation, accommodation, and meals.

When they embark on their study journey, Murray & Roberts’ bursary recipients will also be assigned a Group Bursary Co-Ordinator as both of their mentor and progress evaluator. Networking opportunities will also be available for Murray & Roberts’ bursary recipients, which will further enhance their professional net worth after graduating.

Applicants will be required to work for Murray & Roberts for a duration of one year times each of their paid study and suspension periods. For example, if someone was studying 4 (four) years and suspended their study for 1 (one) year, then the service obligation after he or she has graduated is four plus one, which equals to five years.

These below-mentioned requirements should be satisfied should there be anyone interested in applying for Murray & Roberts’ bursary programme:

  • Be South African people or Permanent Residents.
  • Be at least second-year full-time BSc, BEng, or BTech students from the partnering South African recognised University or the University of Technology in these following field of studies:
    • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical, or Mining).
    • Quantity Surveying.
    • Building/Construction Management.
  • Maintain at least 65% average of their academic transcripts.
  • Exempt from Grade 12 certificate with Maths and Science.

How to Apply for Murray & Roberts’ Bursary Programme
Future candidates should also keep in mind that these application process can no longer start if students are not selected by their Universities. These Universities collaborate with Murray & Roberts in disbursing bursary funds to eligible students since 2016, a year when Murray & Roberts stop their automatic bursary application directly from the website.

If these students are selected, they then can opt to click on the “Register Your CV” tab located on top of its official website. From there on, applicants should be able to fill in the required details, including attaching their CV and supporting documents for the Murray & Roberts’ bursary programme application. Shortlisted applicants will then be sent a loan agreement from Murray & Roberts’ stating the bursary schemes and service obligation terms that are described on above points.

Opening and Closing Deadlines of Murray & Roberts’ Bursary Programme on 2020
Murray & Roberts’ bursary programme is open year-round. Visit Murray & Roberts’ official web page for more information on its opening and closing deadlines on 2020.

Murray & Roberts’ Bursary Programme-Related Queries’ Contact Details
Any queries that are related to Murray & Roberts’ bursary programme should go to its Client Service on these following phone number or e-mail address:

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Office Address:

Mail Address:

Tel: aaaaa
Fax: aaaaa
Email: aaaaa
Site: aaaaa

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