Sanlam Bursary Programmes 2020

Sanlam’s Bursary Programme On 2020 For Mathematics Enthusiasts To Study Actuarial Sciences
Sanlam’s long-term vision to become the world’s pioneer in client-centered wealth and investment management for specifically developed markets in the Pan-African regions makes it become one of the most prominent business foundation in South Africa since 1918. In realising those visions, this wealth and investment-centered company continually develop socially, economically, politically, and environmentally as well as create new opportunities that will both grow its shareholders’ values and increase social responsibilities for its entire stakeholders, especially in South Africa.

Additionally, Sanlam places an enormous importance of acting with integrity, courage, and pride, as stated in its company’s mission statement. When coupled with Sanlam’s reputation in South Africa, these entire values make Sanlam a considerable force to hold several programmes, including bursary programmes as stated in this article.

Sanlam’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Sanlam’s bursary funds are exclusively for those who have an outstanding Mathematics score and enrol as Actuarial Science students in the next years. Those potential candidates should also prove their commitment to mathematical challenges and difficult problems through training and studying sessions in addition for their passions at Math and Actuarial Science subjects.

When those potential people are appointed this bursary opportunity, they will get their tuition and accommodation fee fully-funded and have their books, travel, and monthly stipends ready. Since this bursary programme is administered by Sanlam, those bursary candidates will also have broad networking opportunities with Sanlam staffs as they receive intensive and continual mentoring sessions, including getting paid for doing exams to get actuarial accreditations.

In the end, these highly-talented Mathematics enthusiasts will be accepted as Sanlam’s employee after they graduate. They will also undergo several ranges of rotating department sessions to better understand which positions in Sanlam suits them better.

Given those aforementioned schemes, only those who complete these below-mentioned supporting documents along with their bursary applications that can be considered a place for Sanlam’s bursary programme:

  • A certified copy of the ID card.
  • Final Grade 11 and Grade 12 results (Special Note: Candidates should show a minimum of 90% Mathematics proficiencies as well as average A score in those school grades’ transcripts).
  • A motivation letter consisting of these below-mentioned points:
    • According to you, what are actuaries’ job responsibilities?
    • What are the reasons that lead you to want to study Actuarial Sciences?
    • When you look at your strengths, what are your strong points that makes you a decent future actuary?
    • What makes you feel confident of getting funded by Sanlam to continue your actuarial studies?
    • What career paths do you want to take, if you are not being successful in becoming an actuary, and why?

How to Apply for Sanlam’s Bursary Programme
There are two ways that applicants can choose when they intend to apply for Sanlam’s bursary programme. First, they can head on to the official bursary page and find the clickable “Apply” text to be redirected to Sanlam’s main online recruitment site. Click “View My Account”, and then, “Create a New Account” to have the account registered and be ready for CV and supporting documents’ uploading processes.

Second, applicants can also email their CV and the entire supporting documents as mentioned in the previous points in this article to [email protected]. Applicants are responsible for the completion of their bursary applications whichever methods they use to apply.

Opening and Closing Deadlines for Sanlam’s Bursary Programme on 2020
Sanlam’s bursary programme is open throughout the year. Visit Sanlam’s main bursary web page for more information on the 2020’s opening and closing deadlines.

Sanlam’s Bursary Programme’s Contact Numbers
Dial these following numbers if there are any questions about Sanlam’s bursary programme:

  • Local Number: (021) 947-9111
  • International Number: +27 21 947-9111

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