Transnet Bursary Programmes 2020

Transnet Opens Generous Bursary Opportunities on 2018 for Full-Time Undergraduate Local South African Students
As a company that works in the freight and transportation sectors, Transnet has 5 operating divisions and 2 specialist units that answer business issues regarding on freight rail, engineering, national port authority, port terminals, pipelines, Group Capital, and properties.

These above-mentioned divisions and multidisciplinary specialist functions help Transnet to deliver reliable freight services to all South African people, including for its future bursary recipients. To further address Transnet’s Market Demand Strategy, Transnet welcome these future bursary recipients to join in Transnet’s workforce upon graduating from Transnet’s bursary programme.

Transnet’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Transnet gives out bursary supports for full-time undergraduate students who are willing to work for Transnet in any offered departments for at least one year per years of disbursed financial aids upon graduating. This bursary will fund students’ tuition fees, accommodation and meal expenses, book allowances, and costs incurred during the practical training sessions regardless of any South African universities or university of technologies (as long as the students have already got their offer letters).

The Work Integrated Learning Programme as a part Transnet’s bursary programme’s scheme is specifically designed for university of technology students who have already completed their S4 to gain qualifications and meet minimum requirements by their assigned training institutions.

There is also a highly-customisable Vacation Work programme in this bursary’s scheme that is held every June, July, December, or January holiday period where students can choose their own location of working as well as their most preferable working periods while self-funding their accommodations during the vacation work programme scheme.

According to Transnet’s bursary programme’s PDF advert, students who are interested in taking advantages of Transnet’s bursary programme should pay attention to these requirements:

  • Be a South African person who has a Grade 12 certificate.
  • Possess an outstanding academic performance (minimum Level 5 in Mathematics and Physical Sciences).
  • Apply to the B.Eng or B.Sc Engineering programme in either one of the Civil, Electrical (Heavy Current), Electronic, Mechanical, Industrial, or Metallurgy (Physical) studies.

Those aforementioned three criteria are subject to change as per Transnet’s change of Company’s Market Demand Strategy policy in terms of its skill shortages. Future bursary applicants should also bear in mind that even though the bursary can be renewed per satisfactorily-performing academic year, they should pay their own repeat subjects’ fees if they want to repeat certain subjects. Furthermore, Transnet can terminate a candidate’s bursary support at the discretion of each university if students make repetitive misconduct.

Transnet’s Bursary Programme’s Application Processes
The application process of Transnet’s bursary programme started when applicants download and fill in Transnet’s bursary programme’s PDF application form along with its entire document attachments as required. After completing Transnet’s bursary application packages, the Transnet Bursary Department will select applicants based on their secondary and tertiary academic results’ performances to undergo interview sessions in either one of Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town or Durban.

Shortlisted candidates for the interview sessions will then be invited to check their medical condition before the Transnet Bursary Department can send them written contracts as Transnet’s bursary recipients. The rest of the applicants should note that Transnet only limits correspondences to those who are shortlisted for each application process’ stage.

Transnet’s Bursary Programme’s Closing Deadlines on 2018
Transnet’s bursary programme is usually closed by the end of July all year round. As for the most updated closing deadlines of Transnet’s bursary programme conducted on 2018, applicants should look at Transnet’s bursary’s main portal.

Transnet’s Bursary Programme-Related Contact Details
Transnet’s Bursary Office located on the Johannesburg’s Carlton Centre’s Floor 21 is open for any aspiring candidates who want to ask further questions regarding on Transnet’s bursary supports. These following address, phone, and email details will guide bursary candidates to the assigned Transnet’s bursary office:

  • Physical Address: Floor 21, Carlton Centre, 150 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg.
  • Telephone Number: (011) 308 1246
  • Fax Number: (011) 774 9235
  • Email: [email protected]

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