SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Profile
SAFCOL, short for the South African Forestry Company Limited, is a highly-regarded company that specializes in the forestry industry in South Africa and Mozambique. This third largest state-owned company in the nation has been conducting its businesses by focusing on timber harvesting and timber processing, which are both done on a national and international scale.

With a working staff of approximately 5,000-20,000 people, SAFCOL has dedicated themselves to maintain its businesses in the forestry industry through appropriate industrial ethics that promote sustainability. SAFCOL believes that in order to work for a forestry company, employees must have a passion for forests and uphold a senses of respect for the communities around these regions.

About SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Bursaries 2020-2021
The SAFCOL Bursary Programme is intended to provide financial support towards undergraduate or graduate students who require monetary assistance to pursue their studies. The main target audience of the bursary programme will mainly be South African individuals who have personal disabilities, are previously disadvantaged, of the female gender, and much more.

Please be kindly noted that this bursary programme can only be utilized to finance the selected candidates’ educational endeavors. Any funding that is granted are strictly disallowed to be used to pay off loans or debts.

The SAFCOL Bursary Programme caters to a list of key subjects or degrees, which are as listed below:

  1. Engineering Field (Construction/Structural Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Research (Forest Scientific Research, Wood Lumber Research, Wood Science/ Wood Technology)
  3. Business (Marketing & Sales, Business Management)
  4. Management (Human Resource Management, Project Management)
  5. Misc. (Human Settlement Development, Agro-Forestry, Eco/Agro-Tourism).

SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Bursary Requirements
Before you are able to register for a SAFCOL Bursary Programme, all candidate must bring out these requirements that will be attached to their application forms. All of these requirements must be met – failure to do so might result in automatic termination from the programme application. The requirements are as follows:

  • A legitimate copy of the candidate’s South African identification
  • Results from the candidate’s Matric Examination
  • Proof of enrollment in a higher education institution
  • A legitimate copy of the candidate’s most updated academic transcript (must have official letterhead or logo)
  • A legitimate copy of a senior certificate.

How to Apply SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Bursary 2020-2021
To apply for the SAFCOL Bursary Programme, all candidates must download the application form, which you can access by clicking the download link. Once you already have the application file in your hands, please follow the following instructions below for a smooth application process:

  1. Make sure you read everything on the application form before you begin filling it out
  2. Fill out your application form by using only BLOCK LETTERS
  3. Everything on the form must be filled in
  4. Please double check whether all of the information you have provided is correct
  5. Have you application form duly signed
  6. Send your application form to this email: [email protected] (SAFCOL does not accept faxed applications)
  7. Kindly submit your application before the closing date.

Please make sure that you follow all of the instructions above. Should you have further questions about the application procedure itself, you may ask through any of the contact information that will be provided below.

Application Submissions
All applications for the SAFCOL Bursary Programme should also be submitted through these two methods as well. You can either send your applications through postal carriage, or you could hand deliver them to the Head Office instead. Whichever way you choose, these are the following addresses that you will have to refer to:


Hand delivered to:
SAFCOL Head Office
43 Ingersol Street
Lynnwood Glen

Important Notes
Before you apply for the SAFCOL Bursary Programme, all candidates must show their proof of enrollment in a registered tertiary institution that has been acknowledged by the Council of Higher Education (CHE). In addition, the application forms must all be filled in with accurate information. Should any candidate miss a single inquiry or provide false details on the form, they might have their bursary application revoked.

SAFCOL Contact Address
Office Address:
Head Office – Pretoria
Podium At Menlyn
43 Ingersol Road
Lynnwood Glen

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 12 436 6300
Fax: +27 13 754 2733
Email: [email protected]

Source: SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited); Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture:

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  1. My name is Labillah Meyer i am currently writing my matric. I will only get my results next year but the closing date is 24 November 2019. Please advise which documentation must I attached on my application.

  2. Good day. My name is Labillah Meyer i am currently writing my matric exams. I am only getting my matric results in January so please advise which documentation must I attach to my application.

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  5. Hi there
    I got a problem, I can’t seem to get the application form via the download link y’all placed above.

    I was wondering if there’s another way of downloading the forms?

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