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Samancor Profile
Samancor Chrome is a company that has gone through a lot of changes since its establishment back in 1975. Samancor Chrome was formerly known as a merger of two well-known companies, which are Amcor Ltd and SA Mangenese. Before the merger, these two companies had two different vision and missions, as well as two different focuses in the industry. While Amcor Ltd focused on the manufacturing of mineral deposits and ferroalloys which will then be utilized in the steel industry, SA Manganese specialized more on the field of mined manganese. Differences aside, these two companies shared the same field of digging out the potential in the nation’s mining industry. Which is why it made perfect sense for these two companies to work hand-in-hand and become one massive corporation.

Following their merger, Samancor Chrome has become one of the world’s largest producer and manufacturer of a fairly sought after mineral called ferrochrome. The demand for ferrochrome is so huge, it is estimated that Samancor has produced at least 1 million metric tons of the aforementioned mineral on an annual basis. Besides producing ferrochrome, Samancor is also responsible for the tasks of mining and smelting these minerals for further utilization. With their mining operations conducted in some parts of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, as well as 5 smelting bases conducted all over South Africa, Samancor Chrome is a company that’s continuously expanding their operations.

With the demands for ferrochrome and other minerals growing bigger as each year passes by, it’s no wonder why there are plentiful of industries and companies who have taken interest in Samancor Chrome. The company is also known to be a home of several investors who have been interested in the development of the company. As such, Samancor Chrome has recently been owned by the Samancor Chrome Holdings Proprietary Limited establishment. This is considered to be a remarkable ownership, as their previous shareholders included highly respectable and influential figures, such as BHP Billiton and Anglo American.

About Samancor Bursaries 2020
Samancor Chrome is all about supporting the local communities that have been a part of the company’s huge success throughout the years. One of the ways the company gives back to the public is providing multiple opportunities towards young individuals. This also includes the Samancor Chrome Bursaries, a programme that seeks out for well-deserving university students who are in need of financial help to continue their degrees and reach for their true academic potential.

The Samancor Chrome Bursary programme is open towards Grade 12 students who have been admitted into university or current university students who are in the midst of completing their education. All of these learners must be attaining their education in a recognized South African university or tertiary institution. Above all, the Samancor Chrome Bursary is catered to students who are pursuing these following study areas:

  • Engineering
  • Metallurgical
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Mining
  • Chemical
  • Geology
  • Human Resources
  • Information Management
  • Finance.

Check out whether this company and the bursary programme is in line with what you are currently pursuing in life by visiting the official Samancor Chrome website!

Samancor Bursary Requirements
Applicants will have to adhere to a list of eligibility criteria in order to be considered qualified enough for the Samancor Bursary programme. Each of these criteria plays a significant role in whether you’ll be chosen for the bursary or not. Therefore, please make sure you meet all of the qualifications that are asked of the programme. Check out the company website to see if you’re suitable enough for the company’s bursary programme.

The Samancor Bursary Requirements includes:

  • Holding a valid South African nationality
  • Has either finished their Matric examinations or in the midst of pursuing their Matric examinations
  • Is in their 1st-3rd year of full-time university studies (proven by their letter of admission)
  • Has been admitted into an accredited university or tertiary institution in South Africa.

How to Apply Samancor Bursary 2020
Applications for the Samacor Bursary programme are mainly done on the company’s online platform. Once you have been redirected to the page, you will be asked to create an online account beforehand. The purpose of this account is to store all of your application forms and documents for safekeeping, so that you will have an easier time applying for the bursary programme. Once you have your account all set up, you can immediately follow the application instructions clearly to sign up for the bursary.

In addition to the online application form that all applicants will be asked to fill in with their personal information, you are also required to upload valid copies of these important documents alongside with your form:

  • A certified copy of your identification
  • Full academic transcripts from Grade 11 & 12
  • Full academic results from Matric examinations
  • A certified copy of your Matric certificate
  • A letter of admission into an acknowledged university
  • A certified copy of your academic transcript from university
  • Your latest and detailed copy of your Curriculum Vitae
  • A letter of motivation explaining why you deserve to be chosen for the bursary programme.

However, if you’re stuck during the application procedure, or have any questions related to the process, don’t worry about that. We’ve got you covered! All questions or inquiries can be directed to any of these Samancor Chrome contact information below:

Important Notice
With the growing demand for Samancor Chrome opportunities, this is bound to be false advertisements that are misusing the good name of the company. These scams will usually ask applicants to send in a “registration fee” to secure a safe spot in throughout the application period. Please be kindly reminded that Samancor Chrome does not ask for money from any of their applicants. If you happen to come across any of these false advertisements, have them immediately reported to the Samancor Chrome Hotline at this phone number: 0800 117 858. Alternatively, you can also report them to the local authorities or police.

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:
1st Floor, Block B, Cullinan Place, Cullinan Close (off Rivonia Road), Morningside, Sandton, South Africa, 2196.

Mail Address:
PostNet Suite 803, Private Bag X9, Benmore, South Africa, 2010.

Tel: +27 11 245 1000
Fax: +27 11 245 1200
Email: [email protected]

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