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SANZAF Bursaries 2018 to Give Financial Supports to Needy University Students in South Africa
South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) is a faith-based non-profit organisation that works mainly in distributing cost-friendly Zakáh and Sadaqát to needy families, especially those coming from the Muslim community. Recently, SANZAF has been accredited SETA in their entrepreneurship training programmes and received BBBEE rank for national tax compliances, making SANZAF a more promising financial provider for every people needing extra money to fund their livings.

Having held those above-mentioned recognitions, SANZAF has recently held a bursary programme aimed at every previously disadvantaged South African citizen as well as International students who can’t or can no longer pay for their university-related costs. Further information regarding SANZAF’s bursary requirements and processes can be found on the points below.

SANZAF Bursary Application Requirements and Important Note about the Schemes
As a set of basic requirements, SANZAF’s bursary applicants should possess these criteria:

  • Be either a South African person or non-South Africans who have got permissions to study in the Western Cape area
  • Have a significant need in financing their study-related funds
  • Have their Matric certification with them
  • Be a previously-disadvantaged person (optional, yet will be given priorities)
  • Not necessarily be a current student in their chosen university, yet, should they be one, they should either have self-funded their studies or SANZAF-funded in the last year.

To ensure that interested applicants bear those aforementioned criteria, applicants should also prepare these following important documents:

  • ID Card for South African citizens or Study Permit for International students
  • A Letter of Motivation explaining the reason for applying for SANZAF’s bursary fund
  • Testimonial
  • Combined PDF file of parents, guardians, and/or spouse’s current pay slips, affidavit (if unemployed), or certificate of death of any of those aforementioned people if they have already died
  • Current midterm results for applicants who have previously been funded by SANZAF

(Important note about SANZAF’s bursary schemes: This bursary will fund the recipients’ tuition fees directly to the assigned university. At the same time, it is imperative for bursary recipients to pay the university’s registration fees by themselves.)

How to Apply for SANZAF Bursary Programmes 2018
Aspiring SANZAF bursary recipient candidates should fill in and complete their applications by online through SANZAF’s Bursary Application Form’s page. Every shortlisted candidate for the first online document selection phase should undergo these following processes should they want to be aided financially by SANZAF:

  • Attending interview sessions at the assigned place and time as noted in the email by November 6. While most interview times vary to each candidate, candidates should expect interview dates to be either on November 18 or 25.
  • Submitting supporting documents by January 31 at its latest.

Further outcomes will be notified on February 26. Therefore, if no news were obtained, candidates should be sure that their applications were unsuccessful. Finally, successful recipients will receive Confirmation of Pledge letter along with payment deadlines after February 28.

SANZAF Bursary Programmes Opening and Closing Dates for 2018
For the current 2018 round, SANZAF’s bursary online applications are open on August 1 for anyone residing at Port Elizabeth or Western Cape and December 1 for Durban, Gauteng, Pietermaritzburg, Kimberley, and Ladysmith. The closing deadlines also vary for each province as follows:

  • September 29, 2018: Port Elizabeth
  • September 30, 2018: Western Cape
  • January 10, 2018: Durban and Gauteng
  • January 19, 2018: Pietermaritzburg
  • January 20, 2018: Kimberley and Ladysmith

(Special Note: Other areas’ opening and closing deadlines, including East London, can be seen on SANZAF Zakah Bursary South Africa’s main page.)

SANZAF’s Bursary Programme Contacts
Applicants are encouraged to drop their questions in any of these following SANZAF branches, email addresses, and telephone numbers:

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:

Mail Address:

Tel: aaaaa
Fax: aaaaa
Email: aaaaa
Site: aaaaa

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