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Harmony Bursaries 2018 Programme for High-Achieving Students in Mathematics and Sciences Subjects
Having had more than 500Moz of gold mineral resources worth of 250cmg/t cutoffs, Harmony has become the largest gold provider in both of South Africa and outside South Africa. Their active and constant campaignings across South Africa has not only made it retain its large production volume in South Africa but also resulted in five fantastically-sized projects that are able to exploit 78.76% of mining reserves from the overall 19.3 million gold mines.

These entire profit-earning capabilities, coupled with its international market scope around Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe continents aside from Africa continents, make Harmony’s programme promising to its final stakeholders. One of those promising programme is Harmony’s bursary programme that aimed specifically for people around their community to pursue full-time studies at South African-based universities or tertiary institutions.

Harmony’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Bursaries are normally disbursed for any field of studies that have potentials in contributing to Harmony’s business operations. Bursary amounts depend on each of shortlisted candidates’ overall financial condition and Harmony’s year-to-year needs, and it will only cover 1 year study period after the year of being shortlisted.

As per its requirements, interested bursary applicants should consider these below-mentioned criteria in order to have a place for Harmony’s bursary programme:

  • Completed at least Grade 11 on December last year and Grade 12 on June’s latest year, with a minimum average score breakdown of:
    • Level 5 (60%): Mathematics, Science, and English
    • Level 6 (70%): Mathematics and Science for Engineering
    • Special Note: Math Literacies subjects are not acceptable for Core Disciplines.
  • Already applied for more than 1 tertiary institutions and have obtained the Letter of Acceptance from at least 1 institutions.
  • Filled in all required form’s columns completely, including parent(s) and/or guardian(s) financial information to be assessed by Harmony’s bursary teams.
  • Provided significantly adequate written reasons for not being able to provide certain information, including but not limited to university’s waiver of minimum aggregate score breakdowns explained above.

Additionally, should there be any pertinent changes regarding on the applicants’ address or other personal details, applicants should write an email to Evelyn Moalosi at [email protected]. Other than that, email correspondences are only available for shortlisted candidates from within 21 days after application form submission. In addition, it is not permissible for applicants to hold other non-Harmony-based sponsorships at times of being awarded.

Harmony’s Bursary Programme Application’s Processes
Applications for Harmony’s bursary programme can be done through its online bursary web portal or email. Every applicant who chose email methods of applying should attach their most recent CV, application form, and other necessary documents to prove requirements’ fulfillments and send it to Evelyn Moalosi’s email as mentioned on above points.

Every passing candidate will then be given email instructions to attend an interview. The interview will be based in either Randfontein Offices in Gauteng or Welkom Offices in the Free State Province. Else, applicants should deem unsuccessful of their bursary application forms should they don’t receive anything to their inbox within 21 days of form submission.

Harmony Gold’s Bursary Programme’s Opening and Closing Deadlines
Harmony always disburses bursaries every year. For the most recent updates on its opening and closing dates in this 2018 year, please visit Harmony’s main bursary portal.

Contacts Regarding on Harmony’s Bursary Programmes
Ask further questions regarding on Harmony’s Bursary Programmes to Evelyn Moalosi through her telephone number or email as noted below:

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:

Mail Address:

Tel: aaaaa
Fax: aaaaa
Email: aaaaa
Site: aaaaa

Source: Harmony; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: harmony.co.za.

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