Sasol Bursary Programmes 2020

Sasol Bursaries 2020 for Engineering, Science, and Commerce Future Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students
Sasol’s reputation doesn’t stop in merely being an internationalised company with 33 countries’ branches and 30,300 employee forces. Rather, it becomes the pioneer of various combined chemicals and energy products that can answer more than what is currently needed by its markets and stakeholders, especially those originating from South Africa.

As a world-class and high-technology-based company, Sasol notes South Africa’s needs to protect chemical energy resources in order to make South African’s economy progress further. In doing so, they are willing to capitalise on various possible growth opportunities, including providing bursary programme to aspiring students whose field of studies fall on Sasol’s business needs to create a sustainable value through its entire business units.

Sasol’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Sasol’s bursary programme aims to the most talented South Africans who meet Sasol’s minimum requirements, able to address Sasol’s skill shortage needs in the engineering, science, and commerce fields, yet don’t have sufficient funds to finance their studies.

Until now, Sasol’s bursary programme has fully-funded these following academic-related components to its bursary awardees:

  • Bursary awardees’ (or recipients’) tuition, registration, and examination fees.
  • Financial supports on university residence’s single-room accommodation based on its average rates that are set by Sasol and the awardees’ universities.
  • Three meals per day (with prior consent to the recipients’ universities).

Additionally, Sasol also disburses out funds to its bursary recipients in these following components:

  • Book and living allowances worth of R12,000 per year.
  • Various supporting development programmes for its recipients.

Those aforementioned components are available through Sasol’s three different bursary schemes. Until now, these three bursary schemes are accepting new bursary recipients according to their most relevant degrees and schemes as follows:

  • Postgraduate: Aimed at full-time science and engineering Postgraduate students in any South African-based universities who have constructed their research proposal along with its summaries. (Special Note: Multidisciplinary approaches on the candidates’ research proposals are highly favored in this Sasol’s Postgraduate bursary schemes).
  • Undergraduate: Aimed at future Undergraduate students who are interested in South African’s BEng or BSc in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Industrial, Electronic, Mining, or Computer Engineering. There are also available places for BCom or BSc Accounting – CA Stream (CTA, PGDA compulsory) future students as well as aspiring students in the Honour programmes of Geology and Metallurgy.
  • University of Technology: Aimed for current Grade 12 or N3-leveled students who have an at least Level 5 proficiency in Maths, Science, or English and wish to study all about Process Instrumentation, Electrical Engineering, Mine Surveying, or Mechanical Engineering.

Applicants should bear in mind that the aforementioned schemes are subject to change according to Sasol’s most recent business needs. Sometimes there are also cases where Sasol needs to cut their maximum numbers of bursary recipients due to its insufficient business demands. Hence, these things become important for interested applicants to consider before applying for Sasol’s bursary programme.

Sasol’s Bursary Programme’s Application Processes
Normally, applications for Sasol’s bursary programme are done through its online application system. Nonetheless, some applicants may not have adequate internet accesses or connections. These applicants should contact Sasol Bursary Application Helpline at 086 010 6235 to get support for their application processes.

Shortlisted applicants from the previous document selections are then invited to a comprehensive interview section at Secunda through phone calls and emails by the end of May. These interview sections consist of structured panel interviews and psychometric tests, which will take a longer time to complete. Hence, those shortlisted candidates should stay at Secunda for at least one night. Please note that all travel expenses will be reimbursed by Sasol for up to Sasol’s maximum amounts’ quota.

After the interview phases, shortlisted candidates will receive their bursary’s outcomes by the late August. Upon being awarded a bursary, Sasol will disburse comprehensive bursary documentations consisting of written contracts and other documentation to be completed by the bursary recipient in order to get their studies funded by Sasol.

(Special Note: Those aforementioned months in Sasol’s bursary programme’s application process are fixed. Correspondences in any form will only be available for candidates whom Sasol deems should proceed to the next application stages. Therefore, applicants should think they are unsuccessful in delivering their Sasol’s bursary application if they don’t receive anything back from Sasol after the deadline dates or months).

Sasol’s Bursary Programme’s Opening and Closing Dates on 2020
Sasol offers bursary support all year-round, including on 2020. For the most updated specific opening and closing deadlines in this 2020 year, visit Sasol’s main bursary’s home page.

Sasol’s Bursary Programme’s Contact Details
Applicants can lodge further questions about Sasol’s bursary programmes to these below-mentioned telephone number and email address:

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Office Address:

Mail Address:

Tel: aaaaa
Fax: aaaaa
Email: aaaaa
Site: aaaaa

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