Access Trust Bursary Programmes 2020

Three Different Schemes of Access Trust’s 2020 Bursary Programme For TVET College Students and Alumni
Access Trust is a non-profit organisation that aims to increase young people from the disadvantaged communities’ likelihood of getting jobs through funding studies at its partnering technical, vocational education and training (TVET) Colleges. The colleges, along with the field of studies, have been selected carefully by Access Trust’s Bursary Committee to ensure that their bursary recipients are able to put what’s already learned into practice.

Pertinent to South African government’s Critical and Scarce Skills Lists in 2014, Access Trust continues to pledge its bursary funds in 2015 and onwards to selected candidates. Not stopping there, this non-profit organisation that has been established since 1998 is also providing life skills inputs in various workshops and mentoring sessions, which has succeeded in helping them to build a credible reputation in assisting and supporting its bursary recipients until now.

Access Trust’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes
Access Trust has disbursed bursary funds to around 3,000 TVET students from different South African provinces over the past 17 years. This reality has helped those bursary recipients to create positive impacts on their personal and family well-being, which accentuates this TVET-specialised organisation’s presences since 1998.

There are three different bursary programme schemes that are offered by Access Trust every year for students and alumni who need internships or extra funds to get them exposed to various work experience opportunities. Those three bursary programme schemes are the TVET Bursary Fund Scheme, Student Support-and-Work Placement Programme, and TVET Graduates Attributes Programme.

With its whopping amounts of R1.1 billion funds per year donated by various industry and civil society-based donors, the TVET Bursary Fund Scheme has been Access Trust’s flagship programme scheme. On the other hand, the on-course Student Support-and-Work Placement Programme through telephone calls, WhatsApp groups, e-mails, and various social media accounts become an overarching programme for students as they visit Student Support Unit campuses per month with aids from the support students.

TVET students who are about to graduate will also benefit from the TVET Graduates Attributes Programme since this programme will equip them with necessary communication and work-based skills as well as give one driving training voucher to each TVET graduate to mobilise their work-based experiences.

How to Apply for Access Trust’s Bursary Programme
When applicants look at Access Trust’s official website, they will find the “Download Bursary Poster” at somewhere below the official website’s interface. There, applicants will have to take notes on where they intend to apply for Access Trust’s bursary programme.

Generally, applicants can choose to e-mail their bursary application packages to [email protected] or send through postal or hand-deliver means to the assigned addresses, which are PO BOX 18534 Wynberg 7800 and 123 Main Road Wynberg, Upper Floor, Wynberg Centre separately.

Opening and Closing Dates of Access Trust’s 2020’s Bursary Programme
Access Trust’s bursary programmes are usually open at the first March and close at the end of March every year, including in 2020. Visit Access Trust’s official website to obtain more detailed information on Access Trust’s 2020’s bursary programme’s opening and closing deadlines.

Access Trust’s Bursary Programme-Related Contact Details
Write an e-mail or call to these below-mentioned contact details in cases of further questions regarding on Access Trust’s bursary programme:

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Office Address:

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Tel: aaaaa
Fax: aaaaa
Email: aaaaa
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