CIDA Empowerment Trust Bursary Programmes 2020

Targeted Bursary Funds Alloted by CIDA Empowerment Trust to Support Bachelor of Education and Postgraduate Certificate’s Future Teachers In 2020
The CIDA Empowerment Trust (or known as “CIDA Empowerment Trust” in this article) is one of South African’s public institutions that adhere to the South African Revenue Service (SARS)’s tax regulation rules. According to these taxation rules, CIDA Empowerment Trust becomes a PBO company with committed Board of Trustees, bright financial outlook, and accountability, that can be shown in its on-going record-keeping by the beneficiaries’ trusts.

These records kept by CIDA Empowerment Trusts’ beneficiaries consist of the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting activities as well as Trusts’ impacts. Not only that CIDA Empowerment Trust has successfully maintained clean sheets in those four aspects, but it also will get continual tax exemptions according to the future issuances of Sector 18A Tax Exemption Certificate, which makes it not impossible to disburse gargantuan-sized funds and bursaries. Its Level 1 BBBEE contribution level status also makes it accountable for stakeholders to ensure there will be places for people with special backgrounds to get their bursary funds prioritised.

CIDA Empowerment Trust’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and The Overview of Its Requirements
CIDA Empowerment Trust’s targeted bursary funds are aimed to address South African’s shortage of skillful Maths, Sciences, and Indigenous Language’s teachers. Thus, CIDA Empowerment Trust’s bursary schemes are intended towards those future teachers who want to pursue studies, regardless of their racial, gender or economic class backgrounds.

Since 2020, which is the inception of CIDA Empowerment Trust’s bursary scheme, CIDA Empowerment Trust has grown their trust beneficiaries to 100 per year along with its strategic partnering institutions. In addition to their strategic partner institutions, CIDA Empowerment Trust also partners with several organisations and investors in the Southern Africa area to give future to deserving young people and make them contribute in the creative and innovative development of South African’s basic and tertiary education quality.

To this, CIDA Empowerment Trust pays their bursary recipients’ tuition fee at Universities or Higher Learning Institutions in full as well as other academic-related expenses as deemed necessary by CIDA Empowerment Trust. CIDA Empowerment Trust’s bursary recipients will also have opportunities to take full-time internship programmes as teachers’ assistants in Junior or Senior High Schools.

On-going holistic, tailored intervention-based assistances in the Higher Education sectors will also be available in forms of life skill workshops and psycho-social support, special needs assessments and interventions, career guidance, mentoring and coaching sessions in the on-the-job training while doing the internship programme, and partnership and training sessions with the best and the most creative education practitioners.

In the end, CIDA Empowerment Trust’s bursary recipients will not only be able to support and contribute to CIDA Empowerment Trust in their innovative Teacher Training and Development Programme. They will also be placed in public schools in disadvantaged communities after graduating, to ensure their positive impacts will be felt by thousands of learners in communities where their specialisations are needed.

Since CIDA Empowerment Trust scrutinised its selection process, it is mandatory for candidates to satisfy these following criteria:

  • Intend to enrol in either one of the Bachelor of Education or Postgraduate Certificate in Education degree programmes of any reputable Higher Learning Institutions, with specialisation in Maths, Science, or Indigenous Language.
  • Be ready to strengthen South Africa’s education systems at both the basic and tertiary levels.
  • Be previously-disadvantaged people (will be given first priority).

How to Apply for CIDA Empowerment Trust’s Bursary Programme
CIDA Empowerment Trust’s bursary programme’s application is done by visiting its online portal and completing the required CV and documents from there on.

CIDA Empowerment Trust’s Bursary Programme’s Opening and Closing Deadlines In 2020
CIDA Empowerment Trust’s bursary programme is open year-round, including in 2020. Visit CIDA Empowerment Trust’s official website to know more about its bursary programme’s opening and closing deadlines in 2020.

CIDA Empowerment Trust’s Bursary Programme-Related Contact Details
Contact these following numbers and e-mail address if there are further questions regarding on CIDA Empowerment Trust:

  • Telephone Number: +27 (0)11 026 7261
  • Fax Number: 0865 100 895
  • E-Mail Address: [email protected]

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