Ernst & Young Bursary Programmes 2020

Ernst & Young (EY)’s South African Chartered Accountant’s Bursary Programme for Matric, Bachelor, and Certificate Students In 2020
Ernst & Young (EY)’s vision of building a better working world is backed-up with its strong sense of commitments to deliver quality and excellent services to its different stakeholders. Such commitments become crucial in determining Ernst & Young (EY)’s actions and behaviors, including when it engages with nearby’s communities.

In doing so, Ernst & Young (EY) partners with like-minded organisations and individuals and increase their trust and confidences in sustainably growing and developing talents, as well as overall businesses. These entire efforts to maintain Ernst & Young (EY)’s existences are also guided by its values, which are celebrated every year by Ernst & Young (EY)’s Chairman’s Value Award, which permit colleagues’ recognition to bring its values in its programmes, including the bursary programme as noted in this article.

Ernst & Young (EY)’s Bursary Programme Schemes and Requirements
Ernst & Young (EY) pledges to disburse bursary funds to current and future over-achiever students who want to be South African’s Chartered Accountants, yet don’t have sufficient funds to finance their studies. While being Ernst & Young (EY)’s bursary recipients, those bursary recipients will get rewarding time-flexible experiences with the world’s most successful companies that will unleash their unique potentials, aside from getting their academic and non-academic-related expenses funded by Ernst & Young (EY).

At the end of their bursary periods, Ernst & Young (EY)’s bursary recipients will be able to express their point of views, energy, and enthusiasm in professional development areas. At the same time, Ernst & Young (EY)’s bursary recipients will also learn to cultivate their integrity in their future careers’ key responsibilities as South African’s Chartered Accountants.

This merit-based bursary programme by Ernst & Young (EY) requires applicants to possess one of these following educational qualifications to be eligible to apply:

  • Be Matric year students with at least “C” grade in Maths on Higher Grade over the last June’s exams
  • Be current BComm in Accounting or Business Science or BAcc students at SAICA-accredited institutions with at least 60% marks in each subject over the recent years’ exams, or June exams if the applicants were first-year students
  • Be CTA, HNS, or equivalent type of professional certification’s former students.

Other than those aforementioned criteria, applicants who want to apply for Ernst & Young (EY)’s bursary programme should commit to undertake the South African Chartered Accountant programme until the end. Additionally, applicants should support their applications with these below-mentioned document copies:

  • ID Card
  • The most recent CV
  • Matric certificates and/or Institutional’s latest academic transcripts.

How to Apply for Ernst & Young (EY)’s Bursary Programme
Applicants who want to apply for Ernst & Young (EY)’s bursary programme should head on to Ernst & Young (EY)’s official search portal and find the bursary programme that they want to apply. When applicants click on the “Apply” text under the bursary programme’s name, they will be redirected to a Privacy Agreement page.

After seeing the Privacy Agreement page, applicants should click on the “I Agree” button to be redirected to the login page. Here, applicants can choose to click button on the right side of the login button to register manually by clicking on the “New User” button to proceed to the account creating sessions. Applicants who have successfully created their accounts will be able to upload and complete the required bursary application documents as noted in above points.

Opening and Closing Dates for Ernst & Young (EY)’s Bursary Programme In 2020
Ernst & Young (EY)’s bursary programme is open yearly, with different opening and closing deadlines per year. Visit Ernst & Young (EY)’s official search portal for more information on Ernst & Young (EY)’s 2020’s bursary programme’s opening and closing dates.

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