Haw & Inglis – Civil Engineering Scholarship Programmes 2020

Haw & Inglis Profile
Haw & Inglis highly recognized as one of South Africa’s most prestigious companies that focuses on the area of Road Constructions and Rehabilitation. Having their roots originating from Cape, this company has highly contributed to the national road systems in terms of its infrastructure. Whether they are roads that were built for several different purposes, which may include, but are not limited to commercial, industrial, or even sporting building projects, Haw & Inglis has all of their projects taken care of through their immensely intricate detailing. With their establishment based in the country of South Africa, Haw & Inglis is ready to expand its operations on an international scale.

This establishment does not shy away from intimidatingly large-scale projects. All of their operations are made possible through the solid leadership capabilities that all of their team members have on site. Furthermore, the establishment works through several different methods. Haw & Inglis consists of two main divisions that work directly on-site and behind the scenes as well. With their Cape Town-based management team, they will be the ones who are able to provide the necessary back up assistance for their on-site teams.

In order to make their projects a success, teamwork is crucial to their success. Which is why Haw & Inglis is a people-oriented construction company. While it is redeemable that employees are able to take upon certain responsibilities independently, to be able to partner up with other works is just as important as well. Furthermore, to maintain the human capital to support the foundation of this establishment, Haw & Inglis has a reliable Human Resources department that provides numerous opportunities for their workers in order to become the very best versions of themselves. This may include participating in training, mentoring, guidance, and much more.

On top of it all, Haw & Inglis still remains to be one of the most competitive construction companies out there. To increase their popularity, Haw & Inglis relies on excellent customer service as a means to gain the trust of their potential clients. By understanding what their clients want and demand on a personal level, the company is able to get on their good side and come up with an innovation that truly embodies their desires. If you are ever looking for a company that displays traits like these, then you must come to Haw & Inglis.

About Haw & Inglis – Civil Engineering Scholarships 2020
The Haw & Inglis is offering Civil Engineering Scholarships to well-deserving tertiary studies students who display wonderful academic capabilities in the field. This scholarship is intended for students mainly originating from Universities, CETA Learnerships, or Universities of Technology. The purpose behind this scholarship is to seek out for students who may become potential up and coming technicians that will greatly contribute to the company.

Upon completion of their matriculations examinations, selected grantees of the scholarship must spend a minimum of one year. This is aimed to ensure that all incoming applicants are given enough exposure to the line of work this company carries out and to see whether candidates find this career field suitable for themselves in the future.

Successful scholarship grantees will be given the financial assistance to pursue courses such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Building. These students may be enrolled in any recognized University or the University of Technology in South Africa. Upon completion of their studies, scholarship grantees must partake in the required training that as provided by the real-time professionals of the job field.

To be able to participate in this scholarship, Grade 10 students must show exceptional results for the key subjects of Science and Mathematics. Additionally, interested applicants are required to display a certain passion for the field of Civil and Building Construction Industry. Scholarships are awarded based on the applicant’s academic track record, the decisions made by the internal committee, and any form of financial assistance will be immediately transferred directly to the students’ respective institutions. Find out more about the company at the Official Haw & Inglis Website.

Haw & Inglis – Civil Engineering Scholarship Requirements
Before you can sign up for the Haw & Inglish Civil Engineering Scholarship, all interested candidates must comply with the eligibility criteria that have been sorted out by the committee. The purpose behind these criteria is to ensure that only well-deserving applicants will receive the scholarship. Therefore, in order to be granted this scholarship, all candidates will have to tick off each and every requirement that has been asked for. For further information, check out the Official Haw & Inglis Website.

The Haw & Inglis Civil Engineering Scholarship Requirements are as follows:

  • Current Grade 12 students who have not started on their tertiary studies: must have a score of at least 60% (C) for the key subjects in Physical Science and Mathematics
  • Must be available for employment in the same company upon completion of their Matric examinations (at least a year)
  • Current students of university: able to maintain an astounding academic transcript with a 100% pass for all of their subjects, as well as for their previous semesters
  • Show a complete interest in the field of Civil and Building Construction
  • Be available to partake in the rural-area work
  • Loves to be a part of the outdoors
  • Display competent capabilities in communications and leadership
  • Must pursue any H&I aprpoved course such as Building, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering
  • Are not or not planning to pursue their postgraduate qualifications.

How to Apply Haw & Inglis – Civil Engineering Scholarship 2020
To apply for the Haw & Inglis Civil Engineering Scholarship, all interested candidates must directly download the Official Bursary Application Form. Be sure to fill in the form with complete and accurate information. Applicants found to be falsifying their forms will be automatically disqualified from the application procedure. Furthermore, any incomplete application forms will be disregarded by the committee as well.

After having your forms filled in, you may have them immediately submitted to this provided address below:

Human Resources Department
Haw & Inglis Civil Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Private Bag X3 • Durbanville • 7551
Tel: +27 21 976 1110

Haw & Inglis Contact Address
Office Address:
Haw & Inglis Civil Engineering
Hillcrest Estate, Race Course Road, Durbanville Hills
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

Mail Address:
Private Bag x3

Tel: +27 86 144 4768/+27 21 976 1110
Fax: +27 21 976 8802
Email: [email protected]
Site: https://www.haw-inglis.co.za/

Source: Haw & Inglis; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: haw-inglis.co.za.

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