SizweNtsalubaGobodo – Accounting Bursary Programmes 2020

SizweNtsalubaGobodo Profile
SizweNtasalubaGobodo is a Southern Africa-based firm that specializes in particularly home-grown audit. After having becoming an established member of Grant Thornton, a leading network that has spanned all across the world, SisweNtasalubaGobodo is privileged enough to be a part of a firm that has expanded their operations in more than 135 nations all over the globe. At the moment, the firm is home to 50,000 hard working employees generating a huge profit of approximately USD5 billion.

As a firm that is mainly owned by black indigenous individuals, SisweNtsalubaGobodo is considered to be a huge success, both on domestic African lands and the horizons beyond their borders. By taking leadership into great importance, and constantly developing the potential of their employees, the establishment aims to create a better future not just for their firm, but also towards the general society as well. With both SisweNtsalubaGobodo and Grant Thornton South Africa sharing the same vision and missions, it is no secret that the firm is able to deliver the ultimate best for their extremely massive clientele.

About SizweNtsalubaGobodo – Accounting Bursaries 2020
SizweNtsalubaGobodo is currently offering a handful of Accounting Bursaries for talented South African students originating from underprivileged minority groups. Providing both full and partial bursary programmes, these financial funding will be granted to well-deserving students who display tremendous academic achievements. On top of that, grantees of this bursary programme must be able to maintain their academic progress throughout the entire years of their university education. All successful recipients of the bursary programme will receive funding to cover several student-related expenses, which includes tuition costs, accommodation, prescribed study materials, and a generous allowance given on a monthy basis.

SizweNtsalubaGobodo – Accounting Bursary Requirements
To apply for the SizweNtasalubaGobodo Accounting Bursary, all incoming candidates are to adhere to a strict set of qualifications before they could even begin with the procedure. Each of these items that have been published below will play a crucial role in determining whether you will be accepted by the committee or not. Failure to meet all of these requirements will ultimately cause several consequences to the overall result of your application procedure.

TheSizweNtasalubaGobodo Accounting Bursary Requirements are as listed below:

Minimum Qualifications

  • Enrolled or is planning to enroll in a SAICA-recognized University working towards a Chartered Accountant (SA) Certification
  • Must maintain an academic track record of at least 60% scores for each of your subject
  • Full or partial bursaries will be offered depending on the recipient’s financial status at the moment (after proper assessment by the firm)

Working Abilities

  • Has a keen eye for the small details
  • Displays wonderful verbal and written interpersonal capabilities
  • Knows how to analyze through complex situations
  • Able to focus on the results of a process
  • Upholds their personal values
  • Able to adapt with dynamic environments
  • Knows how to deals with great amount of working pressure
  • Can work independently and in a team
  • Knows how to lead a team
  • Shows a great interest in learning
  • Be available for long-distance travel.
  • Must take part in the programme’s vacation work located at SizweNtsalubaGobodo.

How to Apply SizweNtsalubaGobodo – Accounting Bursary 2020
Have all of the requirements jotted down already? Then it’s time to begin your application procedure! First off, all interested candidates must take a look at the bursary’s availability status at the Official SizweNtasalubaGobodo Vacancies Portal. If your desired bursary programme is available for applications, you can directly apply for it on the very same website. However, if it’s not open for registration yet, don’t get your hopes down. You can always come back to the same website to check for opening updates.

As part of the firm’s policy, SizweNtasalubaGobodo will be adhering to the firm’s Equity Statement, which encourages the firm to uplift internal members to the best they could. Therefore, priority will be mainly given out to internal applicants before considering any of the external candidates. Hopefully, with this action in mind, the firm is able to promote and actualize their Employment Equity goals.

SizweNtsalubaGobodo Contact Address
Office Address:
20 Morris St E, Woodmead, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2191

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 231 0600
Email: [email protected]

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