Metropolitan – Acturial Science Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

Metropolitan Profile
Metropolitan is an establishment specializing in the department of authorized financial services and is an accredited credit provider in the country. Formed under the supervision of Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited, the Western Cape-based establishment was initially founded as a means to offer financial services to South African individuals that do not have the capacity to afford their own homes. With above 100 years of experience, Metropolitan has not only garnered the trust and reliability of the general South African public, but also the prestigious African Homes Trust as well. Metropolitan is constantly growing in an organic pace and continues to put a smiles on their clients faces with their excellent customers services. At the end of the day, Metropolitan is here to provide assistance towards people who needs guidance with their financial aid.

About Metropolitan – Acturial Science Bursaries 2020-2021
Metropolitan is offering Acturial Science Bursaries for a total period of four years towards South African students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for students who would like to specialize in the field of Acturial Careers. On top of receiving assistance that will lessen the burdens of their studies, selected awardees will be given a eye-opening opportunity to be employed during their vacation holidays and will work directly at the Metropolitan Head Office, based in Cape Town. From here on, candidates will be able to receive practical skills that they might not be able to receive in classrooms.

Metropolitan – Acturial Science Bursary Requirements
The Metropolitan Acturial Science Bursary has a list of requirements that must be fulfilled by the candidates in order to be qualified enough for the programme. Each of these items that have been stated below will play a crucial role in determining whether they will be accepted by the programme or not. Additionally, this will help the committee oversee which candidates truly deserve the reservation or not. Therefore, be sure to have all of these criteria fulfilled to ensure success with your applications.

The Metropolitan Acturial Science Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Maintain an average aggregate score of above 85% (Level 6 or more) for the key subjects of Mathematics, Mathematics 3, and Additional Mathematics
  • Maintain a minimum of two A scores for any other subjects that are included in their final matriculation examination
  • If the scores are not available yet, candidates can provide their latest two examinations instead
  • If you are already pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at the moment, you must meet the above requirements, and send in your most recent academic transcripts issued from your university as well.

How to Apply Metropolitan – Acturial Science Bursary 2020-2021
Applications for the Metropolitan Acturial Science Bursary are conducted online. To get started, all keen applicants must visit the Official Metropolitan Careers Site. Once you have accessed the website, make sure that the bursary is available for registration. If it’s currently closed at the time of search, don’t get discouraged just yet. All you have to do is go back to the very same website in the future to check for openings. However, if the opportunity is already available at the moment, you can directly apply for the bursary on the very same website.

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:
Parc du Cap
Mispel Road
Cape Town

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 2212

Tel: 0860 724 724
Email: [email protected]

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