AGSA (Auditor-General South Africa) Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

AGSA (Auditor-General South Africa) Profile
The Auditor-General of South Africa, also known as AGSA, is an establishment that was formed under the 1996 Constitution of South Africa. AGSA was conceived as an office with the purpose to promote a sense of democracy in the nation, with strong values that have dated back to approximately 100 years. The office bears the responsibilities of supervising any activities or government objectives, as well as creating strategic responses in addressing the risks of audit work. The reports that have been drafted are aimed to provide a clear sense of transparency and accountability towards the general public. By creating trust between the government and the local public, the country make continue to flourish even more.

About AGSA (Auditor-General South Africa) Bursaries 2020-2021
The Auditor-General South Africa is providing generous bursaries towards South African students who are attaining their education in the subject of Chartered Accountancy. The AGSA Bursaries are not only allocated towards current students of the discipline, but also students students who are planning to become a Chartered Accountant in the Future. Chartered Accountancy itself is made up of several subjects, such as Bachelor of Accounting CA stream, BCom Accounting CA stream, and BCompt.

Bursaries will be provided for full-time students who are studying in an institution that is recognized by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). Selected grantees of the bursary will be entitled to financial assistance that will help cover a sum of expenses, including tuition costs, on-campus accommodation, meals, and prescribed study materials. Once you have been successfully chosen for the bursary, awardees are obligated to sign a training contract with the organization and service articles upon graduation of their studies and completion of their bursary.

AGSA (Auditor-General South Africa) Bursary Requirements
To apply for the AGSA Bursary, there are a couple of strict requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be considered eligible for the programme. Additionally, there are various criteria for different levels of students as well. Therefore, it is highly advisable that all candidates pay great attention to this, as missing out one item could greatly impact the overall outcome of your results.

The AGSA Bursary Requirements are as follows:

General Requirements

  • Must be a officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Has great fluency in both verbal and written English
  • Displays capable communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Has the drive to achieve their ambitions
  • Must be willing to show leadership material.

Grade 12 Students

  • Provide a valid Matric exemption as well as university acceptance
  • Maintain a minimum score of 60% for both English and Mathematics (not to be confused as Maths Literacy)
  • Have all of these following documents attached in the candidate’s application dossier:
    • A valid copy of your Identity Document
    • A valid copy of your Grade 11 year-end results slip
    • A valid letter of University acceptance
    • A valid copy of your Grade 12 mid-year results slip

1st year Students

  • Maintain a score above 60% for Financial Accounting.

2nd Year Students

  • Maintain a score above 60% for Financial Accounting
  • Maintain a score above 60% for Managerial Accounting
  • Have a valid copy of your Identity Document as well as your most recent academic transcript attached on your application dossier.

3rd and Final Year Students

  • Maintain a score above 60% for Financial Accounting
  • Maintain a score above 60% for Managerial Accounting
  • Maintain a score above 60% for Taxation
  • Maintain a score above 60% for Auditing
  • Maintain an academic aggregate score of above 60% in all of the candidate’s subjects
  • Have a valid copy of your Identity Document,  most recent academic transcript, as well as your letter of acceptance into the CTA programme attached on your application dossier.

How to Apply AGSA (Auditor-General South Africa) Bursary 2020-2021
For those who are qualified enough for the AGSA Bursary, you may immediately begin your application procedure. First off, all candidates must check the availability status of the programme by visiting the AGSA Bursaries Portal. After making sure that the bursary is currently accepting applications at the time of search, you may then Register for a profile on the very same portal. From there on, you can follow the rest of the application instructions online on the portal. Please be kindly informed that all attached documents must be in PDF Format and not go over 2MB. If there are any mistakes in the documents, they will automatically be deleted by the system – meaning you are required to re-uploaded the documents again.

In AGSA, the office strictly adheres to the Equity Statement that has been standardized. The office takes employment equity seriously as it would like to promote the importance of diversity in the workplace. This is to ensure that people from all walks of life are given the chance to succeed no matter who they are and where they come from. There, the committee will be offering preference towards applicants originating from Previously Disadvantaged Backgrounds, as well as People With Disabilities.

AGSA Contact Address
Office Address:
300 Middel Street
New Muckleneuk
Pretoria, SA

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 446

Tel: +27 12 426 8000
Fax: +27 12 426 8257

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