Arup Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

Arup Profile
Arup is an establishment that consists of multi-disciplinary specialists from a wide array of fields, namely engineers, consultants, designers, architects, engineers, and technical specialists. All of these professionals come together for one reason: to create a built environment like never before in the present. By overcoming today’s obstacles, Arup aims to come up with solutions that may improve the current world.

Founded on 1954 in South Africa, Arup has been responsible in tacking challenges to create a better built environment in the continent of Africa. Whether it’s design, planning, or execution, Arup is heavily involved in mainly urbanisation projects. These may include, but are not limited to, energy strategies, large infrastructure, and property solutions.

About Arup Bursaries 2020-2021
The Arup Bursaries is an annual programme that is provided to South African students who are pursuing their education in KZN, Gauteng, or Eastern Cape. The purpose of this bursary to to provide financial aid typically to students who require the support to be able to continue their tertiary education. This is provided that students are able to maintain a well-astounding academic track record during the entire bursary period. The Arup Bursaries are provided to students who are specializing in any of these courses below:

  • BSc Mechanical Engineer
  • Master student in Planning or Masters in Urban Design
  • BSc Electrical Engineer
  • BSc Environmental Sciences
  • Master student in Civil Engineering specializing in Transport

Arup Bursary Requirements
The Arup Bursary is only open towards students who are able to fulfill the eligibility criteria that has been standardized beforehand. Each of these items below will play a crucial area in determining whether you will be accepted by the bursary committee or not. Therefore, if you would like to guarantee a successful position in the bursary, please make sure that you have all of these qualifications met before you apply.

The Arup Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as either a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa
  • Must be pursuing any degree or qualifications that is in line with the establishment
  • Currently pursuing either a degree or B.Tech specializing in the Built Environment
  • Candidates must be Black (according to SA Bee codes), or regarded as Previously Disadvantaged Individuals
  • Must currently be a student in the areas of KZN, Gauteng, or Eastern Cape
  • Already enrolled in any accredited tertiary institution
  • Does not have a household income of ZAR 10,000.00 or more (combined household income of parents, guardians and sponsors)
  • Be able to maintain an impressive academic track record.

How to Apply Arup Bursary 2020-2021
To apply for the Arup Bursary, candidates must first check the availability status of the programme by visiting the Official Arup Careers Portal. If the programme is not available at the time of search, do not be discouraged so easily. You may come back any time in the future to check for opening updates. However, if the programme is currently accepting applications, you may directly apply for the programme on the very same portal.

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