Fidelity Fund Bursary Programmes 2020

Fidelity Fund Profile
Fidelity Fund (LPFF), formerly well-known as the Attorneys Fidelity Fund, is a rounded group of legal practitioners that mainly operates as a fidelity guarantee fund. Under the rules and regulations of the Legal Practice Act, Fidelity Fund provides services that ensures the general public does not face the threat of experiencing any kind of loss due to having their trust funds stolen by the wrong hands. Through the protection that LPFF provides, legal practitioners are able to gain the trust of their users as they respond to any kinds of extenuating circumstances that might harm their trust funds. By relying on their capabilities to following the on-going trends in the nation, and continuously listening the the interests of the public, Fidelity Fund is winning the hearts of their users.

About Fidelity Fund Bursaries 2020
Fidelity Fund is currently offering three types of bursaries to well-deserving individuals studying in university: LLB Study, Further Study, and Legal Education.

1. LLB Study
The LLB Study Bursary is a scheme that is under the Attorneys Fidelity Fund. With the funding determined and approved of by the Minister of Justice, the LLB Study Bursary will be awarded to students specifically by the Bursary Committee of the Board of Control. To earn this bursary, individuals must be accomplishing their 2 final years of their LLB Study. Additionally, the bursary scheme is exclusively allocated for nationals of South Africa with proven residency in the country (must have supporting document of proof.) Moreover, applicants of the bursary scheme must also be able to prove that they are currently an on-going student in any South African institution, complete with an astounding academic track record as well. Grantees will be awarded financial funding that will help cover their tuition expenses.


  • Has a minimum educational qualification of a B Comm (Law), B Proc degree, BA (Law), B Iuris, or anything relevant to the study
  • Valid proof of having finished their first two years of the revised 4-year LLB curriculum
  • For 2nd year students in their 1st semester of their academic year, you are entitled to further assistance for the next two years of your study.


  • For 3rd year students in their 1st semester of their academic year, you are entitled to further assistance for the following year of your study
  • Priority will be directly allocated to students who have proof or requiring urgent financial assistance
  • Display wonderful academic talents
  • Bursaries can only be used to cover tuition expenses of their grantees
  • The financial amount of the bursary will depend on the decision made by the Fund’s Board of Control
  • The bursary scheme is only eligible up to a total period of two years in an accredited South African University.

Supporting Documents

  • Photographs (Passport Size)
  • A valid copy of your Identity Document
  • Your legitimate academic transcript, displaying your results towards until the end of this year’s 1st semester
  • A letter of testimony approved by the Dean of your Faculty of Law (or their assignee.)

How to Apply
Applicants who wish to register may immediately download the Official Fidelity Fund LLB Bursary Form. Make sure that you fill in the application form with only accurate and correct information. Candidates found to be falsifying any information will be automatically disqualified. Once you have your application form completed, be sure to have your supporting documents attached. Lastly, you may submit your application dossier through Postal Carrier or Hand Delivery at these provided addresses below:

Mr Shawn Africa (Bursary Co-ordinator)
Attorneys Fidelity Fund
5th Floor Waalburg Building
28 Wale Street
Cape Town, 8001

P.O. Box 3062
Cape Town, 8000
Docex 154
Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 424 4608
Fax: +27 86 434 7299
E-mail: [email protected]

All applications must only be sent either through Postal Carriage or Hand Delivery. Any applications sent through other various methods such as fax or e-mail will automatically be disregarded. Likewise, if you do not attach all of the documents that are required, or if your application is incomplete in any sense, you will have your application returned to you in order for you to complete it. Anything incomplete will not be regarded by the bursary committee.

The application period lasts until 15 August every year, specifically at 12 noon. With the closing date looming, all candidates are highly advised to send in their application as quickly as possible to secure themselves. The Board of Control reserves all rights to grants or refuse any of the applications that have been sent it. Should any applicants ask a question or concerns regarding this matter, it will not be responded.

Successful grantees of the LLB Bursary Programme are required to respond to the letter of acceptance they have received from the committee with a span of 6 months. Should they fail to response during the determined period of time, they will no longer be eligible for the busrary programme. Bursaries will only be provided on the condition that the grantee are able to take affect after receipt by the Fund.

Additionally, all bursary applicants must send in their official academic transcripts to the Fund. This must be done within up to a period of three months once their study year is finished. Should any grantees plan to extend their bursary up to two years, they must be able to display impressive academic scores during the first year of the bursary. Failure to do so may revoked grantees of their bursary programme for their second year.

2. Further Study
Further Study is a bursary programme that is given out for students who are attaining their education in any recognized university in South Africa. To be able to apply for Further Study, please make sure that you fulfill the qualifications below:

  • Must either be a practicing attorney or candidate attorney reaching out for further study
  • Grantees will be provided the bursary exclusively by the Fund’s Board of Control’s Bursary Committee
  • Must be studying in a recognized university in South Africa as a means to heighten their professional knowledge in the field
  • The financial funding amounts up to a total of ZAR 8 000 given on an annual basis (may be renewed for up to two years.)

How to Apply
Applicants who wish to apply for Further Study must first download the Official Fidelity Fund Further Study Bursary Application Form. Make sure that you fill in the application form with only accurate and correct information. Candidates found to be falsifying any information will be automatically disqualified. Once you have your application form completed, be sure to have your supporting documents attached.

3. Legal Education
Legal Education is something that the Attorneys Fidelity Fund is highly dedicated to. To promote the importance of legal education, the Attorneys Fidelity Fund commits themselves to providing funding for these three main initiatives:

  • Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) for Legal Education and Development programmes
  • Black Lawyers Association (BLA) for its Legal Education Centre
  • Law Faculties and Law Clinics at South African universities.

3A. Law Society of South Africa
The Practical Legal Training (PLT) programmes is a wonderful initiative that has immensely helped many individuals in the field by providing the necessary academic training, as well as practical working knowledge. Having operated since the year 1990, these PLT programmes were designed to assist individuals as their improve the quality of their professional skills.

As of 2012, approximately 1 380 LLB students have graduated and entered the 6-month day and evening vocational training courses as per provided by the School for Legal Practice. Moreover, approximately 1 879 candidate attorneys have taken part in the institution’s 25-day courses. From there on, at least 700 practitioners have gained various experiences by enrolling themselves as instructors through the training programmes as per conducted by LEAD. Successful graduates will be granted with several reduction for articles and must partake in admission examination.

The Legal Education and Development (L.E.A.D) programmes are conducted as a means to help individuals improve their working skills by having them keep in touch with the ongoing trends and law developments that have been concurring within this generation. Moreover, candidates are required to learn different types of knowledge is various kinds of disciplines. All the training doesn’t have to be conducted in classes – it could be in the form of workshops, diplomas, or seminars held in several universities in South Africa. As of 2012, there have been a total of 5 000 practitioners who have attended these programmes.

Contact details:
Old Main Building,
Unisa Sunnyside Campus,
145 Steve Biko Street (formerly Mears Street)
Pretoria, 0001

P.O. Box, 27167

Tel: +27 12 441 4600
Fax: +27 12 341 1466
E-mail: [email protected]

3B. Black Lawyers Association – Legal Education Centre
The Black Lawyers Association – Legal Education Centre is an establishment that commits themselves to heightening the quality of legal professionals and is aimed at developing the talents of these said individuals. Through having them study the importance of effective management, it is hoped that these individuals are able to understand why having an egalitarian social order is crucial to the field of law. Under their trademark “Continuing Legal Education” programme, individuals are expected to push through their capabilities and gaining access to resources that will enable them to become highly-trained and professional Black legal practitioners.

Contact details:
33 Hoofd Street
Forum 1 Level 5

P.O. Box 5217

Tel: +27 11 403 0816
Fax: +27 11 403 0814
E-mail: [email protected]

3C. Law Faculties And Law Clinics
The Law Faculties and Law Clinics located in several South African institutions and universities are given beneficial funding due to these several reasons below:

  • Encourage these law-related facilities and staff to better train individuals aspiring to become practitioners in the upcoming future
  • These selected law faculties must be operating under the policies of their respective institutions – therefore any other external initiatives outside of these policies must earn funding from other unrelated sources
  • Universities are usually subject to budget cuts that slows them down with their projects
  • To maintain the high quality of legal education within universities.

Fidelity Fund Contact Address
Office Address:
Waalburg Conference Centre
28 Wale St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 3062
Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 424 5351
Fax: +27 21 423 4819
Email: [email protected]

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