Cipla Bursary Programmes 2020

Cipla Profile
Cipla is a growing establishment that mainly specializes in the pharmaceutical department. With a huge commitment to producing medical products that are of the best quality, Cipla has been a huge favourite amongts the healthcare world of doctors, patients, and practitioners all over the world. Having gone through so many challenges in the past 80 years, Cipla is no stranger to the globe’s healthcare progressive healthcare situation. Whatever the problem, Cipla is dedicated to fulfilling their promise: “Caring for Life”. With their extensive range of technology and the constant need to create new solutions, this India-based establishment has expanded themselves all over the world with their branches in approximately 100 nations and counting. With a portfolio of 100 medical products, Cipla is no stranger to the variety of needs and demands from their customers.

On top of their impressive quality, Cipla acknowledges the fact the sustainability is important in an establishment. With that in mind, Cipla also commits itself to make their products as affordable as possible. Because of this, Cipla has been highly contributive to the HIV/AIDS crisis as they were amongst the very first companies to provide medication in Africa for just less than a dollar/day. Because of this, more than millions of lives were saved for more than a decade. With that being said, Cipla is not just a pharmaceutical establishment that has mere goals of generating profit, but as an establishment that is responsible for the lives of many people, Cipla aims to provide the best standard of healthcare to everyone, no matter where they come from.

About Cipla Bursaries 2020
Cipla Medpro Manufacturing Pty (Ltd) is giving out the opportunity for South African undergraduate or postgraduate students to attain generous bursaries. The purpose behind this wonderful programme is to ensure that students are able to excel in their studies without having to think about any financial burdens. Hopefully, by providing the necessary financial assistance, students even more motivated to succeed. The Cipla Bursaries will only be granted to students who are taking up any of these courses below:

  • Bcom / BBusSci Economics
  • Bcom / BBusSci Supply Chain Management
  • Bsc Microbiology
  • BMedSci Biomedical Science
  • BScEng Mechanical Engineering
  • Bcom / BBusSci Business Management
  • Bsc Biotechnology
  • BscEng Industrial Engineering
  • Bsc Chemistry
  • Bcom / BSc Information Technology
  • Bsc Biochemistry
  • Bcom / BBusSci General
  • BPharm
  • BscEng Chemical Engineering
  • Bcom / BBusSci Finance – Non CA stream*
  • Bcom / BBusSci Accounting – Non CA stream*
  • BSocSci / BA. Communications or Digital Media Studies (* Relevant Postgraduate Degree – Honours, PGDip, Masters & PhD students for the above disciplines included).

*The Cipla Bursaries does not cater to any CA accreditation training.

Should you be a student who is attaining your education in any of the aforementioned courses, then this is bursary programme that you wouldn’t want to miss. If you need more information about this wonderful opportunity, you can simply reach out to the Official Cipla Website.

Cipla Bursary Requirements
The Cipla Bursary has a set of criteria that needs to be obliged before you could register for this programme. Each of these items below will determine whether you are qualified enough to attain any financial assistance from Cipla. Failure to meet all of these requirements below might get yourself disqualified from the overall registration procedure. Therefore, it is highly advisable that all candidates meet the qualifications that have been standardized by the programme. Read more about the establishment at the Official Cipla Website.

The Cipla Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Has accomplished their Matric qualifications
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited university
  • Has proven fluency in both written, spoken, as well as have a great sense of comprehension in the English Language
  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Is between 17-35 years old
  • Has already been registered in an acclaimed Tertiary Institution, without any failures from their past subjects in the year prior
  • Maintains an impressive academic track record with at least an average score of 70%, either for Matric examinations (first-year students) or their general tertiary studies (2nd-final year students)
  • Is not receiving any external financial assistance from other establishments
  • Are recognized and acknowledged under the BBBEE criteria.

How to Apply Cipla Bursary 2020
Once you have all of your criteria ticked off, you may immediately begin your application procedures. First off, all incoming applicants must visit the Cipla Career Site to check whether the bursary of their choice is currently available for applications or not. Don’t forget to set your location to “South Africa” in order to obtain the most relevant results. If the bursary programme that you have desired is not available at the time of the search , don’t get upset yet. You can always come back to the website any time to check for more opening updates. However, if it is open at the moment, you may directly apply for the bursary on the same website.

Besides applying online, all candidates must come prepared with several important documents to support their applications. Candidates are required to upload their academic transcripts, a valid copy of your Identity Document, any relevant academic certifications, a Matric Certificate, and your most recent and updated Curriculum Vitae. After you have your application dossier ready, you may immediately submit them in. Announcements will only be made to students who have been selected for the bursary. Should you not hear back from the committee, we regret to inform you that you have not been accepted by the bursary programme.

Cipla Contact Address
Office Address:
Parc du Cap Office Park, Building 9, Mispel Street, Bellville, 7530, Cape Town, South Africa.

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 21 943 4200

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