PIC (Public Investment Corporation) Bursary Programmes 2020

PIC (Public Investment Corporation) Profile
The Public Investment Corporation SOC Limited, or oftentimes referred to simply as PIC, is a firm that focuses on the field of asset management. Established directly under the hands and supervision of the Republic of South Africa’s governmental entity, the PIC is represented and acknowledged by the country’s Minister of Finance. The PIC first had its roots in 1911, when it was formerly well-known as the Public Debt Commissioners. However, a few decades later, the Public Debt Commissioners had several changes due to on-going needs and was corporatized under the Public Investment Corporation Act, 2004. Ever since 1 April 2005, the PIC has not only become one of Africa’s biggest firms that dedicates their entire working force to asset management, but they are also the best one there is.

Over the many years since their initial establishment, the PIC has garnered a long list of extensive clientele originating from different sectors and a variety of needs. Generally speaking, a large majority of PIC’s clientele of the public sector, typically having their line of work in the social security department. Some of the key players that have trusted the high-quality services of PIC includes the Associated Institutions Pension Fund (AIPF), Compensation Commissioner Fund (CC), Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF), Compensation Commissioner Pension Fund (CP), and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). With big entities coming to them for consultation, PIC holds a great responsibility in having their operations conducted in a professional manner.

About PIC (Public Investment Corporation) Bursaries 2020
The Public Investment Corporation is currently offering generous bursary programmes for underprivileged students who wish to attain their studies in higher institutions. On top of showing tremendous academic potential, applicants must also be able to show a strong sense of business innovations in order to be considered successful for the bursary programme. Students may give this opportunity a shot, provided that they are currently, or planning to pursue their studies in any of these following courses below:

  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Information Communications & Technology/Computer Science
  • Human Resources, Graphic Design
  • Accounting, Auditing & Finance (Corporate & Investment)
  • Economics
  • Research and Projects Development (Fund of Funds)
  • Internal Audit
  • Data Analytics, Research
  • Human Resources
  • Legal, Law
  • Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics
  • Investment Management

Be sure to do your research on the establishment behind this wonderful opportunity at the Official Public Investment Corporation Website.

PIC (Public Investment Corporation) Bursary Requirements
The PIC Bursary Programme is available to any student who is pursuing in any of the aforementioned study courses above. However, there are other things that applicants will need to oblige in order to be eligible for the bursary programme. These items below will play a crucial role in deciding whether you will be accepted by the committee or not. To heighten your chances of success, be sure to have all of these criteria met to play safe. For further information about the bursary programme, you can read more through the Official Public Investment Corporation Website.

The PIC Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Recognized as an official national of South Africa
  • Priority will be awarded to Grade 12 candidates or has already enrolled themselves in a recognized South African Institute of Higher Learning (must be within an undergraduate level of NQF 6 or 7)
  • Priority will be awarded to candidates who are still below 30 years old
  • Able to provide proof that they require financial assistance (e.g. entire household income less than ZAR 600 000/year)
  • Has a history of academic achievements and qualifications
  • Is enrolled as a full-time student without any job employment.

How to Apply PIC (Public Investment Corporation) Bursary 2020
Finally have all of the eligibility criteria ticked off? It’s time to get a head start on the PIC Bursary application procedure! To begin, all applicants must first check the availability status of the bursary through the Official PIC Bursary Site. From here on, you will have to see whether the bursary of your choice is accepting any applications at the moment or not. If it’s not, you may want to come back any time in the future to check for opening updates. However, if it is currently accepting applications at the moment, you can directly apply on the same website.

Alternatively, if you prefer a manual way of sending in your applications, you can download the Official PIC Bursary Application Form. Fill in the form with all of the required details and make sure that everything is completed. Once you have finished up your application, you may send them in through this provided e-mail address: [email protected], or via Postal Carriage to PIC Bursary Application Office, Private Bag X 187, Pretoria, 0001.

In regards to the application forms, there are several instructions that must be taken note of:

  • Any fields with a (*) are crucial and therefore, must be filled in
  • Your application forms must have an official signature of acknowledgement from the applicants themselves and their respective Parents/Guardians (for minors)
  • Any applicants found to be falsifying any information will immediately be disqualified. Additionally, and incomplete applications will be disregarded as well
  • Applications forms must be attached with several important documents, which includes:
    • Completed application form
    • A valid copy of your South African ID
    • A valid medical certificate entailing your disability
    • A valid proof of your household income
    • Your most recent academic transcripts (for university students)
    • Your Matric certificate (for Grade 12 students, Grade 11 and June result slips will suffice as well)
    • A valid copy of your signed student loan agreement (if you have one)
    • A valid letter of acceptance into a recognized tertiary institution
    • Tax/Pro-forma invoice with details of your payable expenses (e.g. tuition costs, study materials, on-campus accommodation, meals)
  • Applications which are missing any certain document will not be processed by the bursary committee.

Please be kindly informed that the PIC Bursary Committee reserves all rights to determine the amount of the financial assistance that they will be awarding to all of their selected bursars, which will be given for an entire full academic period in their respective institutions. Announcements will only be made to students who have been chosen for the bursary programme. If you have not heard back from the committee by then, we regret to inform you that you have not been accepted by the bursary programme.

Should you have any questions about the bursary programme, or any enquiries in regards to the application procedure, you may have them sent into this provided e-mail address: [email protected]. Don’t forget to indicate your contact information when sending in an enquiry. This way, the committee can easily reach out to you to resolve your proposed questions.

PIC Contact Address
Office Address:
Menlyn Maine Central Square
Corner Aramist Avenue & Corobay Avenue
Waterkloof Glen Extension 2
Pretoria, South Africa

Mail Address:
Private Bag X 187
South Africa

Tel: +27 12 742 3400/3560/2300
Email: [email protected]
Site: https://www.pic.gov.za/

Source: PIC; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: pic.gov.za.

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