SANRAL – Civil Engineering Bursary Programmes 2020

SANRAL Profile
SANRAL, or famously known as the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd, is a department, or more so a full-formed establishment, that takes part in a center role of the nation’s national roads. With the following generations depending on transportation to get to anywhere, it is important that the roads of South Africa are fully developed and managed as per according to the high standards that have been determined. Formed in the year 1998, SANRAL has held a long time partnership with the Department of Transport themselves. It’s no surprise, considering how transport heavily relies on the national roads as well. In the years to come, SANRAL has been responsible for developing the freeways in Gauteng, even so to calling it the “Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project”. Through this initiative, it is hoped that it can become a solution to the high traffic volumes that usually occurs on the roads of the Gauteng region.

About SANRAL – Civil Engineering Bursaries 2020
SANRAL is offering Civil Engineering Bursaries for students who are keen on pursuing a solid career path in the demanding local industry of Civil Engineering. The bursary scheme is mainly targeted at students who are taking their undergraduate degrees in either B.Eng or B.Sc Civil Engineering. However, this bursary scheme isn’t just for undergraduate students – students taking the postgraduate studies in the field of Civil Engineering are more than welcome to apply for this wonderful bursary programme as well.

This bursary programme will be dedicated mostly to students who are in their 2nd-4th year or their postgraduate years of their university students. However, matriculants who have achieved high scores (a minimum score of 70%) for their key subjects of English, Mathematics and Science may be given a huge consideration. If you’re a matriculant with the intention of studying in a Civil Engineering course, and has already been admitted into an accredited university (with a valid proof), you may just stand a chance to earn this bursary scheme.

The SANRAL Civil Engineering Bursaries will provide the necessary funding for students that will help them cover several costs as they study their respective degrees. The funding will mainly cover registration fees, tuition costs, accommodation and meals, study materials, and a stipend for daily needs. Besides the funding itself, all selected grantees of the bursary scheme will be given the opportunity to partake in multiple activities that are in line with SANRAL. All grantees of the SANRAL Civil Engineering Bursaries will be provided with a buddy system to help them create long-lasting relationships with each other and also with their Project Manager. This will greatly benefit them as they partake in future academic projects that will come. Be sure to do plentiful of research at the Official SANRAL Website.

SANRAL – Civil Engineering Bursary Requirements
With the bursary scheme specifically being offered to Civil Engineering students, there are a list of criteria that must be fulfilled as well in order to be eligible enough for the SANRAL Bursaries. Since the Civil Engineering career path can be a heavy and rigorous one, it is important that all future candidates are able to meet all of the items below. Failure to fulfill all of these requirements might reduce your chances of acquiring the bursary scheme. If you’d like to know more about the establishment, feel free to check out the Official SANRAL Website.

The SANRAL Civil Engineering Bursary Requirements are:
Administrative Documents

  • Your most recent a descriptive Curriculum Vitae
  • A valid copy of your South African Identity Document
  • A valid copy of your parent’s/guardian’s Identity Document
  • Valid copies of your academic track records
  • A comprehensive letter of motivation
  • Proof of your citizenship in South Africa
  • Proof your parent’s/guardian’s household income.

Minimum Eligibility

  • Candidates must not be involved with another external bursary scheme or financial funding
  • Candidates must have proof that they are enrolled or planning to enroll in a certain South African university
  • Candidates must have proof that they are official citizens of South Africa.

Main Selection Criteria

  • The candidate’s study course
  • Financial conditions
  • Academic track records
  • Behavioral attitudes in the workplace
  • Inclusive representation from all walks of life
  • Assessment of all Identity Documents and certification
  • As per SANRAL’S Employment Equity Policy, priority will be offered to students who originate from underprivileged communities, so long as they have a stellar academic track record and proof of needing financial support.


  • Students who are in their 2nd-4th year of their undergraduate studies
  • Students who are currently pursuing their postgraduate studies
  • First-year students who are working towards the Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science degrees in the Civil Engineering field (must show evidence that they have been enrolled in an accredited university)
  • Grade 12 applicants will be considered if they are able to achieve at least a score of 70% for the key subjects in Mathematics, Physical Science, and English
  • Note: bursary schemes will not be given out to students who fail subjects in their current year of studies.

How to Apply SANRAL – Civil Engineering Bursary 2020
Think you’ve got all of the eligibility criteria down? Now is the time to start on your applications! Interested candidates must first download the SANRAL Civil Engineering Bursary Application Form. After you have downloaded the application form, be sure to fill it in with only correct and accurate information. Candidates found to be providing false information will be automatically disqualified from the application procedure. Additionally, application forms must be fully-completed, as incomplete forms will not be considered by the committee as welll.

After you have finished filling in your application forms, have them sent in along with your supporting documents to this provided address: Ms. H.A Harper/ Ms R Erasmus, 1 Havenga Street, Oakdale, Bellville, 7530. Announcements will only be made to selected applicants who have been chosen for the bursary scheme. Should you not hear back from the committee within a total time period of 3 months, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the bursary programme. As a precaution, selected grantees of the bursary scheme, along with their respective parents or guardians, will be subject to a legitimate bursary agreement that must be signed before the scheme can be carried out.

SANRAL Contact Address
Office Address:
48 Tambotie Avenue, Val de Grace, Pretoria, 0184

Mail Address:
PO Box 415, Pretoria, 0001

Tel: +27 12 844 8000
Fax: +27 12 844 8200

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